An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1474.99 (4,384,775th)
4,909 (33,678th)
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Title Δ
3rd-party Gradle plug-ins may be the cause error 0.00
Could not configure Firebase InstanceID 0.00
App crash when open deep link url, while app is in inactive state i... 0.00
Java switch statement "case, default expected" -3.36
CorePlot with Swift - bringing axis to the front -2.11
Spring MVC tutorial project does not build on IntelliJ -3.89
intelij- cannot resolve symbol 'support' 0.00
Strange /usr/bin/clang failed with exit code 1 error - unknown argu... +0.52
Relate data and ListView in Android 0.00
Hide ImageView on clicks +3.18
Eclipse display all items from SQLite DB +4.33
Multiple dex files define Landroid/support/v4/accessibilityservice/... 0.00
How to change GET to POST +2.12
'Android Pre Compiler' error 'Path must include project and resourc... 0.00
Facebook sdk framework not found ios7, xcode5 0.00
View Size broken in iOS7 for MFMailComposeViewController -3.70
Can i block appearing control center in ios7 on some views? -3.81
Using Charles Proxy for Android emulator Eclipse with Kindle Fire 0.00
Can't change custom UIFont size on the UIButton 0.00
JBOSS AS 7 Load Balancing with Server Failover -4.06
Adding pooled connection datasource in JBoss 7 0.00
Creating a SOAP service which can be deployed as war on JBOSS 0.00
want create .war file using maven -3.59
AsyncTask returned with multi objects 0.00
API Level 11 min is 9, what can I do to fix this -1.31
How to increment var with a delay? +0.49
Install NewRelic mobile agent for Android application +0.14
Is using return at the start of method bad coding practice? -2.44
jboss as 7 + jersey - ClassNotFound com.sun.jersey.server.impl.cont... 0.00
ClassNotFoundException on com.sun.jersey.spi.container.servlet.Serv... +0.09
JBoss can not startup because of port in use 0.00
jquery: shorter code (if & var) -2.47
if-statement not working as i expected -1.04
QR code generated by Android zxing library doesn't scan with most Q... -2.65
Javascript line-break not working +0.54
Java ArrayList: Adding object using string name -2.25
How to define a table schedule? +0.26
org.hibernate libs are not in the AS 7? 0.00
Web.xml Can a <servlet-name> be just a class? 0.00
Maven3.0.3 + artifactory 2.5 + ubuntu 11.10 Failed to resolve depen... 0.00
Android - onCreateDialog crashes when returning DatePickerDialog 0.00
connect DB2 with Java 0.00
How to transfer some data to another Fragment? 0.00