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Konstantin Dinev

1501.94 (371,134th)
25,392 (5,022nd)
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Title Δ
SqlException: Invalid column name 'NormalizedName'. Invalid... 0.00
Shipping Interpreter with Python application -0.01
Best way to edit font in Igx Grid column cells -0.51
Column sorting issue in date field with dd/MM/YYYY format in angula... 0.00
Ignite UI for Angular (igx-grid ) how to block filtering and sorting 0.00
Checkbox wont uncheck 0.00
Why is 1 000 000 not equal to 1000000.toString("N", new C... 0.00
How to add infragistics scrollbar in MVC 0.00
How improve performance in igGrid from Infragistics Ignite-UI? -0.00
how to disable selection for few rows based on any condition in mul... 0.00
Skip the function if executing time too long. JavaScript -1.08
How to change Column Index of IgxGrid dynamically? 0.00
Ignite ui, Where I can find info about the latest version +0.49
Build Error in Angular Library after installing and using controls... 0.00
Is there a way to exclude specific columns from post data while sen... 0.00
Load bulk data in ignite iggrid faster 0.00
Why is If statement not working Python and Pygame 0.00
Need to create variable with multiple checkbox selected values of i... 0.00
Object doesn't support property or method 'igGrid' occu... 0.00
IgGrid selectRow Issue 0.00
Ignite UI IgCurrencyEditor +0.46
Regex to check pattern with numbers 0.00
jquery mouseenter on child div with bigger dimensions than parent div +0.49
Prevent browser autofilling hidden fields +0.53
ui.bootstrap.timepicker returns 2h less than it should 0.00
How to update database data in C# +0.49
Add link over video on certain time +0.50
Javascript - Basic stopwatch can be started multiple times, increas... 0.00
Array elements not showing in dynamically created div? +1.02
Failed to @Html.DropDownList() 0.00
jQuery and speed of .replaceWith() vs. .html() +0.33
How do I make an image inside a list element clickable using jQuery? 0.00
Javascript Onload with HTML default value -2.29
Javascript / jQuery - issue disabling validation when field is hidden -0.51
jQuery use specific object that is dynamically named -1.26
Create date object and compare to todays date +2.22
Cascading combobox with html table as datasource -0.00
Jquery UI Drag And Drop add check mark to grid on drop 0.00
How to get value of Span input using Javascript 0.00 MVC5 accessing button in view from controller -0.26
Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'CompanyId' column... -0.58
Drag and drop Ignite UI tree view 0.00
Ignite UI TreeList binding two names and values 0.00
Js code skips first line after click event +1.88
Jquery data attribute value equals -0.76
Can't read excel file from directly from path using javascript 0.00
Selenium DoubleClick method not getting executed on Infragistics Gr... 0.00
Sorting called Muliple times Using igGrid on igDialog Ignite UI Con... 0.00
Is it possible to have multiple checkbox values on one column in ig... 0.00
iggrid Add New Row event 0.00