An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1454.12 (4,531,396th)
7,765 (20,384th)
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Title Δ
vscode can't find c# namespace pieces in separate files (compil... 0.00
Remove all duplicate numbers in ArrayList C# -0.44
How to combine items from two ConcurrentBags? +2.34
How can I find null values with SELECT query in psycopg? -0.50
Visual Studio 2015 Idle CPU usage 0.00
DevExpress - xtragrid column running totals 0.00
How to view MS office files online in 4.0, C# web application +0.05
Generating CHM help and PDF manual from the same source +0.43
SQL Server 2008 - Finding Specific Commands/Calls/Text +0.25
Prototyping My Own Desktop Environment +0.02
How can we prevent popup windows appearing on top of the application? -0.49
Sending an SMS through SQL Server 2008 -0.72
How to add Excel sheet to console application -1.19
Right DBMS for the job? +1.63
Techniques For Application Deployment In C# -0.46
Besides "treat warnings as errors" and fixing memory leak... -0.79
Making a PDF output in raster format instead of vector using itexts... -1.40
Java or C# library for signal analysis on the sound card +0.06
Crystal Reports - Grouping of output records -0.18
VB.NET Memory Management +0.43
Which Windows (C++) screen capture libraries fit my requirements? -0.71
Is it possible to use the toolstrip standard item icons for anythin... 0.00
How to step through an entire block of code? -0.97
.NET Regular expression for time 24 hr format -0.57
Handling errors and feedback when performing bulk operations in a m... -0.20
Online checksum checker for client side application +0.10
How to store processed file in users desktop? -0.43
Programming languages with python-like syntax but native code gener... -0.78
Web-development with version control workflow -0.34
Simple single user revision control +0.17
Charts in ASP.NET 3.5: Whats the best option? -0.08
Cross-platform source control? +0.45
What methods are available to implement a text editor in Java? +0.17
How to replace text in a PowerPoint (.ppt) document? +0.45
Where and when is InitializeComponent called in Windows Forms contr... -0.48
How to find out the mobile model using WAP page -0.20
How to update assmebly version info with new build and revision dur... 0.00
Recommendation for an embeddable map that is not internet dependent -0.40
Alternative to Office Interop for document generation +1.01
Implementing a fully-functional prototype for a web-based application -0.87
Entry level computing text books -0.36
C# prefixing parameter names with @ -0.24
Table-agnostic Foreign Keys? -0.66
VB6 migrating to .Net with Visual Studio 2010 -0.70
System.UnauthorizedAccessException on a simple ASP.Net File.IO oper... -0.52
good combination of a c++ toolkit/library, cross platform db (not n... +0.09
Can I restore a backup if a table is corrupt? +0.58
Generate C# Long Unique ID +0.35
Is excessive use of lucene good? -0.44
System.OutOfMemoryException +0.21