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OMG Ponies

1680.86 (241st)
269,345 (142nd)
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Title Δ
The most efficient way to delete all duplicate rows from table? -2.12
Why Does MySQL not use an index? -0.89
What is wrong with this data structure? -2.87
Order mysql query in the same order I provide the OR statements in +0.74
Extract from Progress Database to SQL Server 0.00
Oracle Group by query -0.43
ORA-00907: missing right parenthesis 2 +1.21
Index on Update Column 0.00
How can I optimize this SQL query with a large IN clause? -0.69
How to write a MYSQL CASE WHEN statement with multiple search condi... 0.00
Using the dangerous IN clause in SQL -2.41
Mysql Case with Or condition +1.35
Performance of Views in TSQL 0.00
If you join two tables in the SELECT statement, all indexes on the... -1.62
Are schemas used in other DBMS' than SQL Server? -0.43
Is it possible to create a column in MySQL with an expression as a... -0.47
Issue in SQL statement to get record combination using "in" 0.00
Remove NULL from VARCHAR2 in ORACLE +0.62
Creating table in other schema oracle using select 0.00
Is the Samsung S-pen input the same as your fingers? -0.79
Where clause affects Count() but not number of results returned +0.25
MySql getting conditional records using if else in where clause -0.26
How to insert multiple rows into a SQLite 3 table? -0.75
MYSQL use 'LIKE' in 'WHERE' clause to search in subquery -0.31
Reference column in mysql where clause by its index 0.00
what are protocols used during accessing email via web browsers? 0.00
Will a table with varchar(255) PRIMARY KEY hurt anything? +0.65
Primary key format for oracle database 0.00
MYSQL NOT IN query using DISTINCT() +0.97
MySQL VARCHAR field or PHP substr -0.25
Advantages of using SQL Server 2008 Database Project +0.24
"Timeout expired" error, when executing view in SQL Serve... -0.76
Select where column is null or not in subquery +0.26
Order by for desc table +0.83
How to write trigger for multiple row update? -0.66
How to test a CONSTRAINT in oracle +2.06
MySQL query taking a long time. I've tried many variations of the q... -0.61
Viewing two different values in ORACLE 10G -0.59
mysql query to match sentence against keywords in a field -1.47
error when joining 2 tables +0.96
SQL update - automate update of rows based on matching value across... -1.73
SELECT *,LAST(date_time) +1.07
outputs of 2 selects in one table +0.24
How to create two column output from a single column +0.02
Give an int table column in MySQL a range of allowed values from 1... +0.80
Very Simple MySQL INNER JOIN failing -2.73
In MySQL how should I alter my syntax to add a 'WHERE' clause 0.00
Correlated subquery mysql +0.98
OUPUT for insert from table variable gives: "The multi-part id... -0.26
issue with sql select query +0.22