An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1531.38 (17,349th)
12,020 (12,283rd)
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Title Δ
How to detect a pointer to an arithmetic type using type traits and... +1.01
Galaxy map generator always allows some star systems to touch 0.00
Lambda genericity in C++ -1.39
Can you determine the size of all class types in the same way? +0.84
Smart replacement for 'new[]' to make_unique -0.89
How do I know if I'm using copy or move? 0.00
Polymolymorphism in C++: virtual function doesn't give expected... 0.00
Rails 3 after form submit with error going to show page +0.45
Fast generation of number combinations for variable nested for loops 0.00
Why algorithm perfomance get worst with HashSet.add? 0.00
Ruby on Rails - Add new Controller Methods -0.21
C++ check if element is in the list (contains) -0.24
Rails model validation in different context 0.00
creating a generic instance of a class template in c++ -0.21
Rails: trying to store particular column value in an array -0.06
How can I automatically forward all paramters from one method to an... -0.82
How to retrieve all (nested) keys of a Hash? +0.44
"A reference may be bound only to an object", why is &quo... 0.00
Frame buffer object error? 0.00
Pulling records from one table (products) depending on a value in a... -0.05
How to do recursion in ruby -1.26
Game Loop control +0.45
How to stop when a condition in if statement is satisfied, when deb... -0.40
Rails + Devise: Custom login failure flash messages? -0.05
rails 3 additional parameter constraint in resource route -0.54
Rails - Update action ignores validation -0.06
Saving a Model Object from a Controller 0.00
C++ random numbers the same when called in a while loop 0.00
How to stop one specific user to delete his account in Ruby on Rails? 0.00
Opengl using local rotation +0.46
undefined method using activemodel and form_for 0.00
Ruby on Rails: Association model, do I need controller to save data? -0.56
Get the sum of an associated column in model rails +0.43
Check box :checked by condition 0.00
Rails - text_field class with condition +2.06
selecting records that have a many to many relationship using activ... -0.05
Passing equals and not equals into a function +1.20
Ruby on rails : associations with multiple columns on non id key 0.00
Are these two Ruby methods with a hash parameter equivalent? If not... 0.00
Scope/Filter collection from route +1.13
Efficient ActiveRecord association conditions -0.05
C++ const modifier with primitive types -1.78
Querying multi level associations in rails 0.00
How to call class methods which are stored in a variable +0.89
Ruby module method that accepts file path +0.41
Rails Getting a running balance with ordered list - summation virtu... 0.00
Missing template for render user/new 0.00
std::list::sort and pointers to elements -2.31
Rails helper - undefined method `quantity` +1.23
Ruby super value when argument is missing in subclass +0.23