An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Umutambyi Gad

1470.53 (4,518,872nd)
3,079 (54,953rd)
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Title Δ
Remove remaining space in flexbox with wrap -0.41
How to append values in nested dictionary -1.55
Bootstrap Hamburger icon not visible +0.03
How to flatten the nested JSON file in order to retrieve an expecte... +1.50
How can i make this code work?,im using beautifulsoup4 and im not a... 0.00
CSS grid auto-fill and full-width cell - empty columns +2.98
Nested list comprehension understanding for comparing strings in py... -0.08
How to Change Color of Bootstrap Borders? -2.18
How can I change the "checked" background color of this B... 0.00
Grid Item doesn't span across rows after wrapping it in link 0.00
Flexbox - take the element right "flex-direction: column"... +0.56
css flexbox item width grows unexpectedly 0.00
delete empty values in dictionary -0.24
How to get rectangle with straight border right top radius? 0.00
How can I add a space after every two characters in .txt file? -1.19
Replace a specific character from a string with HTML tags +0.54
How to check case insensitive strings in two lists in Python -1.15
Write python nested dictionary items to files +0.04
How to put Rows And Columns in center of a Section +0.57
fancy text within circle css, alignments -1.10
Reverse key value pairing in python dictionary -0.16
noneType error in BeautifulSoup - I would like its value to be repl... 0.00
Javascript onclick event to increase and decrease width +0.53
Different result to what expected when using overflow: scroll 0.00
Burger menu won't open when toggled 0.00
Make width of div with display: flex equal to width of the content.... 0.00
How to increase size of object upwards and maintain its shape? -1.08
How do I remove the 0 once a button is clicked? +2.75
How to display the one UL box inside another Ul box along with text... +0.27
Beautiful soup: Extract everything between two tags -1.07
CSS - flexbox height 100% don't consider children's heights +0.04
Adjust height of label/input in form 0.00
Data from txt input to list - Python 0.00
Extracting float number from a file 0.00
If in function according to id -0.45
Keep prompting user for boolean input using while loop but it still... 0.00
How to convert seconds to HH:MM:SS format without failing if hour m... -0.48
How can I add padding between two images +0.51
How to properly parse embedded value from JSON -0.40
Referring a dict and making a new dict +2.42
Limit the width of flex items on hover to their initial width 0.00
Create reverse border from top right and bottom right +0.55
How to change json data into dataframe -1.40
How to stop repeating images in CSS? +0.30
net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND but little different 0.00
How to add dynamic div on that position where i clicked +0.05
How to delete all __pycache__ folders in directory tree +0.07
How can I hide menu responsively after using jQuery toggle()? -1.63
read txt file and create folder from single line -0.21
how to remove empty quotes and outer curly braces from json +0.52