An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1746.81 (43rd)
105,665 (677th)
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Title Δ
How to avoid an else if marathon in Java? -1.90
Extending a (native) class in Python -3.95
splitting a number using c -1.38
Java: issue when comparing 3 positive integers -0.77
Java Cannot find symbols 0.00
Not able to iterate items from itemSet +2.93
Square root function in Python - what's wrong with it? +1.06
No Of Divisors of a number having atleast one common digit with the... +3.80
Output a number raised to a power as a string -3.44
Unexpected result when comparing ints -2.51
How to do a one-time operation under abstract class -1.56
Using a Map for a Graph +3.71
`name()` vs. `getName()` naming convention? +1.41
using nested loops in order to group data in a csv -3.38
Referring a class on a list newbie confusion -2.89
Python simultaneous variable incrementation -0.25
Is there a difference between using a logical operator or a bitwise... +3.64
Java program that tells what coins to give out for any amount of ch... +3.78
Java substring not working +1.84
Time and complexity of an integer array -0.10
what is the method for WolframAlpha to get the integer solution of... 0.00
Java copy section of array +0.90
Problems with zeros method 0.00
Temperature array, potentially 2D? +3.61
What does the 'Static' keyword do? +0.01
What is quine meant for? +0.58
Java Bit Operation on Long - Removing some bits -3.68
The simplest algorithm for poker hand evaluation -0.12
Does new FileInputStream(templateFile); invoke close() after initia... -0.07
Poker game: creating a deck with java 0.00
the game UNO java code design +3.89
Recursive Sine function +3.90
Evaluating functions at several points +4.39
Numerical Comparison in MATLAB -3.48
Binary Search output error -0.18
How do I extract a single digit from a string of digits? 0.00
Cannot find symbol: method add 0.00