An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1487.59 (4,324,364th)
21,381 (6,236th)
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Title Δ
How to determine if arc is clockwise or not? 0.00
Unity - Reversing Lerped Position Back to Original Position 0.00
streaming a bitmap while it is modified in C++ -1.72
Cannot access memory error for character array in struct - C +0.38
Storing large amounts of compile time constant data -1.25
What are the exact effects of braces in this for-loop? 0.00
Efficiently convert two Integers x and y into the float x.y +0.93
Reordering an array based on sorted indices in another array +0.55
creating a change in a enum in c++ +0.50
Battle Game - How to make direction of firing missile 0.00
Reading and writing files fast in C++ +0.77
Cull off parts above the mesh -0.48
C++ Calculator, cannot divide 0 by itself +0.51
Stack std::vectors to generate a matrix, similar to numpy.vstack 0.00
c# How to pass a variable from method into main? +1.10
How to Make Undo in unity 0.00
Error: Control may reach end of non-void function - cat function -0.94
How to wrap this repeated lines of code in Unity in a simple method? +0.50
How to speed up Tensorflow-gpu with using CUDA code simultaneoulsy 0.00
Error multiple definition of struct, but i dont see the error anywh... 0.00
Where is the correct place to break this simple 'while' loop? -1.36
C# 8 Using Declaration Scope Confusion -0.55
I'd like a C program to accept arguments from linux command line +0.02
Why does my "for" loop run only two times? -0.15
Fragment shader not creating gradient like light in OpenGL GLSL 0.00
what does the the operator& return type mean? 0.00
Can i re-open a handle after FileStream close it in c#? 0.00
Why is my code infinitely looping in c++. My Code needs to repeated... 0.00
Replace object every 200 frames -0.47
Decompose 3x3 Matrix 0.00
Dynamic ASCII Box with Numbers Inside 0.00
How to loop over array of variables +0.01
How To Do Multiprocessing in C without any non-standard libraries -1.97
How can I use the boolean value in the "jump" method? 0.00
Comparing strings with if in C# code error -0.03
Ray tracing a sphere inside a cube 0.00
Cannot freeze rotation on an object that has translate function on it 0.00
GLSL while loop performance is independent from work done inside of... 0.00
Optimization of OpenGL rendering 0.00
How would I program my code to start over if a certain condition is... +0.53
How to colour vertices as a grid (like wireframe mode) using shaders? +0.01
Turn string with numbers to byte array - C# -1.42
Can I log graphic data from video game before it goes to gpu? 0.00
Is it bad practice to store a struct member value in local var with... +2.42
Unity C# Checking bool takes last option 0.00
What is the relationship between threads and frames per second? -0.00
Can't insert into std::list? -0.85
'else if' cant use variable from TryParse -1.25
How can i get values from under type table to parent type table 0.00
Failing to sort my array with std::sort and custom comparator 0.00