An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Wes P

1481.45 (4,490,951st)
5,217 (31,705th)
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Title Δ
Border of single th spreads to neighboring th when colspan set on t... 0.00
Stubborn Silverlight Caching Issue? -0.27
Remove duplicates in multi-element string[] array? +4.83
Where does the space of the relative-positioned div come from? -1.82
generic field getter for a DataRow +1.77
IE7 CSS issue with overlapping divs +0.37
Does pyGame do 3d? -2.59
Identify the destination in HTTPS connections -1.66
'Specify' Postfix on Properties of Auto-Generated Classes from Web... +4.20
How do I find duplicate sequential entries in a Generic List in C#? +1.66
MVC DropDown option value set to multiple comma seperated values 0.00
How many Bits were used? -0.62
Porting C++ to C# - templates -1.16
ASP.NET - Page.Form.Action error -1.79
  in String.Format(...) for currency +3.92
HasFlag not recognizing role assignment +4.30
Write-Only properties, what's the point? +0.11
ASP.NET/VB/SQL: trying to insert data, getting error "no value... -0.07
How to have a foreach inside a foreach in JQuery? +0.00
Using / in query strings +0.48
referenced dll not in bin folder 0.00
MVC Why unit test controllers -1.85
IE version 8.07 Session Lost on Hyperlink click within authenticate... +0.41
making onchange work like onchange and not like onleave? +0.40
C# - Shorter version of IF statement -0.38
Interfaces (interface/abstract class) are not abstractions? -3.14
When designing something in OO -2.18
how to combine html forms -2.66
The purpose of interfaces continued -0.58
WCF MessageContract List Serialization 0.00
WCF Service Self Hosting Trouble +0.56
HTTPWebRequest for XML containing an XSLT 0.00
Is your QA Team effective? +0.23
Handling the Same Class Definition From Multiple Web Services 0.00
Fastest Way to get Data From Array Into SQLServer Database? +0.31
Check Method Signatures when moving a Single DLL 0.00
Pros and cons of using DB id in the URL? +0.30
Return Object From Webservice +4.00
Understanding SSL connections with .NET's HttpWebRequest -3.10
Seeking an algorithm to efficiently layout calendar event banners -3.85
What's wrong with this ASP recursive function? -1.42
Refactoring a function that uses to use the DOM rather... -4.05
How to serialize an object to XML without getting xmlns="...&q... 0.00
Is there some industry standard for unacceptable webapp response ti... -1.47
What is the difference between Obfuscation, Hashing, and Encryption? +0.62
How long to get up to speed with ASP.NET? +4.17
Xml Schema XSD TotalDigits vs. MaxInclusive -3.09
Is there anyway to log Firebug 'profile' results to an external file? +0.38
Corner desks vs straight desks -2.60
jQuery index selectors -4.49