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1563.57 (4,873rd)
43,615 (2,460th)
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Title Δ
Is it possible to use std::make_unique in a class constructor and `... 0.00
How do we use nested if else with #define preprocessor -2.32
Basic differences between HashTable and HashMap? -2.39
Getting closeEvent when exiting the application +1.64
C++ 14 GCC prefers constructor with std::initializer_list instead o... 0.00
Problems in encoding when I read the txt file in C++ array in CLion +0.41
Difference between -ffreestanding and -nostdlib when compiling with... +2.07
Why do I get "Makefile:1: *** missing separator. Stop." w... 0.00
What is the difference between ${foobar} and $(foobar) in a Makefile? +2.42
What is the fastest way in C to extract 8 bits from 8 different byt... +2.08
Why does C have both logical and bitwise ‘or’ operators? -1.85
About two phase lookup and this pointer -2.26
floating point number comparison why no equal functions +1.19
C++ - Why isn't the unicode output correct? 0.00
"cd" command does not work in my custom shell 0.00
pass dot as parameter to C macro -2.15
Is it safe to assign a container using its own iterators? 0.00
Why do register renaming, when we can increase the number of regist... +1.25
Can a define be made across all translation units? +2.23
How to use std::string to store bytes (unsigned chars) in a right w... -1.14
I can not understand the output of patsubst in a makefile 0.00
C lexer, understanding documentation, preprocessing tokens -1.76
Dynamically determine the type of a function parameter in C? -0.62
Why can we not create trivially constructible objects using malloc... +1.25
How send arguments in hexadecimal linux terminal 0.00
Retrieve logged on user name or id in the process running under root -1.33
Issue using Type Punning with union -1.15
Is a shared_ptr's deleter stored in memory allocated by the cus... +1.77
How to return Null as reference in C++? -1.26
Language Agnostic - Allowable types in function and constructor par... +0.09
Is declaring a pointer and assigning the result of a realloc to it... 0.00
Why the program not terminated on signal value change? -2.10
Is it undefined behavior to get the address of an array element tha... +1.09
what do the symbols 'Wl,-R' and '-Wl,./lib' mean in... -0.94
Catch-all helper for Makefile when the possible arguments can inclu... -1.49
Copy only part of a binary file in C++ +1.07
Why is this claimed dereferencing type-punned pointer warning compi... +0.68
Partial preprocessing of C files with GCC (not removing "defin... 0.00
Why does this code not do cube roots of negative numbers? +1.34
C remainder/modulo operator definition for positive arguments +1.28
gcc compiler optimization influences result of floating point compa... +0.16
Should I declare my function template specializations or is definin... -0.87
Creating 2 versions of same lib using GNU make 0.00
How could the make function work inside the Bash loop running in ma... -0.64
how to create local variable in a rule recipe in makefile? +0.42
Mixing separately compiled objects -0.89
system() call NOT targeting a sub-shell? +0.27
Multiple includes of same header file in project: C vs C++ 0.00
Setting minimum buffer size 0.00
Dynamic linking - Linux Vs. Windows 0.00