An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1512.62 (52,770th)
734 (197,944th)
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Title Δ
Exactly how to interpret the string filled in by std::getline(strea... +0.55
pointer with delete that does not reference dynamically allocated m... -2.94
Modifying const reference argument via non-const reference argument +2.06
use of undeclared identifier 'temp' 0.00
C++: construction and destruction of static inner class instance in... 0.00
C++: Looking for correction for "returning address of local va... -0.10
Could somebody tell the reasons why use such code in the definition... -4.21
C++ broken_promise exception 0.00
Use Forwardly Declared Template Class in Header C++ -0.12
Best algorithm for print all children's for tree element? +5.74
Permutations with output limitation in C++ +3.91
Make a user defined variable array -0.02
Breadth first or Depth first +3.69
Is there a sequence container with external allocation of elements... +3.93
How do I check if next word from a file in stream isalpha? 0.00
Mutating constant object via pointer copied from 'this' in... 0.00
Is it possible in C++ to have a method in the superclass that when... 0.00
How do I find highest value using pointer? +0.64
Dynamic switching of implementation in hardware abstraction layer (... 0.00
How compiler (Visual C++) optimize accessing vector elements by ind... 0.00
I Need to Call delete[] on a Dynamic Array within a Class but It Do... -2.15
Questions regarding efficiency +2.40
is it possible to explain why this returns 21 -1.62
Adding Search Path For #include 0.00
Using dictionary of GraphServiceClient is thread safe? 0.00
Purpose of overloading member function returning iterator and const... +4.18
Valarray slice array no match for 'operator*' 0.00
Is there any data race between std::weak_ptr and corresponding std:... 0.00
Error in constexpr using clang to compile TensorFlow +0.20
How to input data in classes in python, if number of students I wan... -0.09
How can I increase my performance with Eigen? (sample code included) 0.00
C++: Container of different types +4.03
Frequency cipher in F# -1.84
Using C++ objects from C +2.01
What is the time complexity of the filter function? -3.90
Drawing Bowling Pins (pyramid) with Recursion in Ada -1.68
C2675 unary operator caused by wrong scope 0.00
How to pass template arguments via constructor? -2.07
efficient way of making a library for different languages and platf... 0.00