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David G. Pickett

1448.62 (4,406,052nd)
319 (384,972nd)
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Title Δ
Decode Base64 JKS Trust Store in Java 0.00
Can't SELECT * (ORA-00932: inconsistent datatypes: expected CHA... 0.00
Difference between EIDRM and EINVAL errno from semop call 0.00
Tableau: time difference excluding weekends, outside business hours... 0.00
glibc error when c++ binary compiled dynamically but not statically 0.00
How to replace string after in a line in **C** 0.00
What am I doing wrong in this INSERT ROW statement (java) 0.00
How would you find products that have 50% of their ratings below 3... 0.00
Why is it more safe to place sizeof in malloc first? 0.00
When is semaphore initialized with value 0? 0.00
Why Im getting this error identifier 'procedure' must be de... 0.00
SELECT values to create a unique row with optional foreign key 0.00
Program is not accepting second string and giving output directly 0.00
Passing an address of a pointer instead of a pointer as a function... 0.00
Compare last row to previous row by group and populate new column 0.00
How can I filter duplicates/repeated fields in bigquery? 0.00
Error in c program in printf because of % 0.00
Can C code be compiled into a static library for any architecture? 0.00
How to run each "function" in a code section? 0.00
Extract minutes and seconds from epoch 0.00
Efficient way to remove half of the duplicate items in a list 0.00
how to make a trigger if time difference is 5 minutes then reset ot... 0.00
How to deal with a column that has just date (%m-%d-%Y) and datetim... -3.68
Fastest way to select a lot of rows based on their ID in PostgreSQL? +2.06
how to return a list of objects without destroying them -2.15
Automatic vacuum of table "cloudsqladmin.public.heartbeat" -3.56
Listen insertions on a table with Camel 0.00
Excel: Using "SMALL" Function Inside Array Formula 0.00
Where can I find mysql config file with all parameters? -1.91
Finding sales growth from cumulative totals over period in SQL -3.10
Is there a way to not use an item from a namespace? +0.61
I was implementing QuickSort via C and i am getting error in line 2... 0.00
Oracle group by hh:mm column -1.42
Setting up simple web application service and testing - Linux debia... 0.00
Optimising SQL query - cleans up old logs in database -0.30
Initialize constant class member of inherited class depended of sub... +0.38
Stop main thread until all the other threads finishes -3.67
how to interpret the static code in c++11 0.00
Copy part of a matrix and paste on another one C++ -3.60
How do I print the point content? +0.39
(python 3) How to check if non strings begin with a vowel? -3.63
Calculate Histogram in SQL Server Where There Are Missing Buckets -0.81
What are the exact differences betwenn int **a and int a[][] as fun... -3.55
Is there a function in R or Python that can calculate the share % o... -3.77
How do I create a list with one item per index from a list with mul... 0.00
Unix EOF character appearing in output of Python script 0.00
Are C standard library functions thread-safe in absence of C11 thre... -4.15
How do I connect a string/char variable that is written via Scanner... 0.00
Is there any way that l can retrieve all record of any month of the... 0.00
Scale image to container +0.17