An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1505.73 (122,478th)
5,393 (30,504th)
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Title Δ
AHK script to change RButton Behavior 0.00
How does Liskov's Substitution Principle work for classes like... 0.00
Applicability for the Factory Method Pattern 0.00
Builder Pattern and LSP 0.00
Polymorphism versus switch case tradeoffs 0.00
Subclass inherited field is never used 0.00
Java equals confusion 0.00
Access from state class to private fields of context class 0.00
Why is certain Collectors in Java stream API called downstream coll... 0.00
Can someone explain how javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet methods like... 0.00
Name of "notification-and-check" pubsub architecture? 0.00
Why are interface types considered to be radically different for ov... 0.00
Is Groovy 3 syntax an exact superset of Java syntax? 0.00
Are there way to use properties files without hard coding property... 0.00
Does object pool pattern requires creation of objects before they e... 0.00
How to Handle two different Objects for same Function 0.00
Object calisthenics. Limiting of instance variables 0.00
How does Strategy Pattern alter runtime behaviour of an application... 0.00
How is spock calling this function in this test? 0.00
In what application niche is parallelStream from Java useful? +0.78
Using runtime variables in spock verification 0.00
Interfaces VS APIs VS Public classes 0.00
Dependency Injection leads to main method being filled with new key... +0.49
Does Collections.unmodifiableMap (and others) violate SOLID princip... -1.08
Does calling another method inside an overridden method violate &qu... 0.00
How does using the factory design pattern stop a class having to an... 0.00
What kind of dependencies I shouldn't inject? -0.51
Meaning of Explicit and Implicit Variation Point 0.00
What are some disadvantages of the GoF Flyweight design pattern 0.00
Appropriate datastructure for flyweight +0.14
Are Java Streams implementations of Iterator Design Pattern? +2.19
Terminology for a generic type with type parameter filled in -0.31
Is the facade design pattern only concerned with classes/modules or... -0.52
Are protected members part of the public API? 0.00
Observer pattern: case of multiple registration of the same instance 0.00
Should I mock every single dependencies in unit testing? 0.00
Is this precondition a violation of the Liskov Substitution Principle +2.08
Command pattern is the command a single instance 0.00
How to use Java's Optional feature -1.82
What is the difference between the CoR and the Decorator? Why is Co... 0.00
How to make bidirectional adapter for two classes that implement th... 0.00
Can I Create a Subclass Instance Utilising a Factory-like Static Me... 0.00
Pluggable Adapter as mentioned in the GOF +2.31
Why does ConcurrentHashMap use a local variable `tab` to reference... -0.01
What's the difference between Factory Method implementations? 0.00
Setters and getters with composition in Java +0.49
Child class Web-elements initialized in Parent class using PageFact... 0.00
Can the list returned by a Java streams collector be made unmodifia... -1.62
Where does the concept of C# Properties come from? 0.00
Does the "given" word serve any purpose? 0.00