An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Anton Anisimov

1491.88 (4,258,983rd)
36 (1,188,990th)
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Title Δ
OpenMP parallelization inside for loops takes too long 0.00
MySQL - SQL search by two condidtion 0.00
Calculated column value in MySQL using a trigger? 0.00
Manage HTTP response (uint_8 decimal vector) and use http parser to... 0.00
How to divide code into multiple .cpp files C++ +0.07
c++: how to access variables in the same namespace but defined in a... -1.14
How do I run something inside a class concurrently (in single threa... -3.32
FT_New_Face file path supports non-ASCII characters? 0.00
Separate uint8_t array containing UTF-16 BE text by delimiter 0.00
Is there way to verify my program has no memory leaks? -3.73