An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1537.86 (12,614th)
31,026 (3,892nd)
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Title Δ
ReacjJS: Parse HTML from strings and use it +0.43
Concatenate an infinite number of objects in java-script -0.06
React js add event listener for each "children" +0.46
Transforming array of objects based upon key - javascript +0.03
Alter array of objects into array with co-ordinates for chart -0.64
passing variable into componentdidmount 0.00
How to insert data into the DOM using JavaScript 0.00
How to change text in a <p> tag when hovering a button in Rea... -0.04
How can I activate "if" condition on onclick event +0.44
Convert a map to an array - Javascript +1.00
innerHTML, innerText and textContent only return the first word out... +0.84
Javascript String Equality with "===" 0.00
Adding and removing the element of an Array in a loop in javascript -0.56
How can I append HTML code using JavaScript? +0.64
Javascript regular expression to strip HTML tags with certain attri... 0.00
Is there any way of chaining too many document.getElementById on a... +2.03
Adding a nested map for React code in Gatsby +0.42
3 functions for 1 onclick event -0.31
Use .reduce to sum object variabele based on object enum -0.69
Counting the number of clicks by pressing a button +1.37
Converting an Object of Arrays into Objects of Objects -0.65
how to add new calculate array object to existing array +1.77
Finding items with a specific property in array, then counting how... +1.98
when a <li> is clicked send clicked result to a href +0.17
How do I change the component from inside a map function in react? +0.45
How get src value when click on one of the mulitple images in javas... +1.27
How to add a new column to an already existing html table using jav... -0.02
Hide list items based on their value -0.43
Can't filter search +0.46
Getting the integers from text of an element -0.24
How to add function in JSX? 0.00
ReactJS onClick handler in map return undefined +0.80
Dynamically code API user input using getJSON 0.00
How to make a fetch API in Javascript to be modular -1.58
Getting ReferenceError: appearance is not defined 0.00
Using map to reformat objects in an array to new element array -0.77
Clothing calculator using javascript +0.73
How to use filter() on a multidimensional array using values from a... +0.62
Adding element with the splice method +0.21
React JSX Onclick Component -0.08
Advice on scaling this code from querySelector to querySelectorAll 0.00
querySelector to addEventListener with function parameter -1.47
How can I group by the array using lodash or javascript -1.52
Why am I getting the word undefined when I run changeword.js? -0.95
Pass value of Input to handleMethod -0.54
data.sort is undefined or data.sort is not a function 0.00
Using JavaScript operators in a switch statement with event.code 0.00
TypeError: Cannot read property 'concat' of undefined in Re... -0.05
how to call two functions with a single button -0.06
A function that returns the largest number in an array -0.54