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1594.59 (1,991st)
17,680 (7,907th)
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Title Δ
C++ Template Metaprogramming issue in type selection 0.00
Traits class to extract container's value_type from a back_inse... -1.38
Does container.clear() free/reallocate internal buffers? +1.54
Why does the C++ standard's index have this entry for "und... -1.85
How do I compare higher order types? +1.06
About the comparison function object of std::sort +0.89
Design pattern for static base constructor that calls static method... +1.34
difference in printing zero in cout and printf 0.00
Check for integral type +1.05
std::bitset::all substitute for prior C++11 compilers +1.46
May the elements in a std::vector have a throwing destructor? -0.21
Using mutating function in std::accumulate -0.13
Can I disable static asserts? +1.98
How is vector<int> += 1,1,2,2,2,3,4,5,6; possible? 0.00
Why does this not work: `int arr[size]` but this does `int* arr = n... +1.18
Why does GCC implement isnan() more efficiently for C++ <cmath&g... 0.00
How do I get user input from cin into C++11 std::array +1.07
Does std::addressof negate the STL operator& requirement? +0.42
Accepting lambda as function parameter and extracting return type +0.49
What should I return in a member function if a condition is not met? +0.32
std::numeric_limits as a Condition +0.37
Split and Assign char -1.90
C++ Inheritence: Avoid calling default constructor of base class +0.40
dereference a pointer and then take the address of dereference +2.04
How do I convert a C string to a int at compile time? 0.00
vector<bool> specialization incompatible with range base for 0.00
fstream not creating text file +0.34
How to let a base method be defined only if the derived class does... 0.00
Concatenating strings together in Arduino +0.38
C++ SFML 2.1 template error 0.00
Why is it not possible to define a non-virtual method as final in C... 0.00
How to use token concatenation with scope operator? -0.29
when is const reference better than pass-by-value in c++11 +1.33
Prevent implicit conversions from float to double in C++ +1.18
How to overload operator ==? -0.15
How to rewrite this without the use of goto +1.16
Perfect forwarding to a member function of a data member? 0.00
Passing inferred type into std::find_if lambda function 0.00
How do I use std::enable_if with a self-deducing return type? 0.00
How to safely read a line from an std::istream? +1.81
check if value exists in all indexes of array +1.31
Possible to instantiate templates using a for loop in a C++14 const... 0.00
Are iterators of standard containers DefaultConstructible? +1.94
insert and delete integers on the fly +0.49
TR1 is "missing" - which header or library am I missing f... 0.00
Using template syntax for arguments +1.86
C++11 Random numbers in a range and explicit likeliness +0.45
How to get iterator underlying type from iterator? 0.00
C++ standard sort documentation issue +0.38
Should std::chrono::steady_clock::now be noexcept? 0.00