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Mateusz Kocz

1537.72 (13,005th)
2,350 (71,732nd)
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Title Δ
How to assert a discriminated union is of a certain variant in type... 0.00
Accessing property using string +3.44
How to ensure that a parameter passed to a function is an instance... 0.00
Typescript: Define type for object param of arrow function 0.00
Why do I see TypeScript in Vue.js source code? 0.00
subtype value can assignable to parent type variable? 0.00
How to update signature of typescript when testing with a mock 0.00
Get name and value of url params +4.63
Wrong number of parameters in function type in TypeScript 0.00
Why "void" not works for optional parameter, when i use g... 0.00
Class not inheriting property initialization status -0.40
When to use plain state over constructor(props)? -0.35
What results can i expect from nesting a "then.catch" ins... 0.00
How to assign a function to ref using useRef with typescript? 0.00
Loop through class keys inside constructor? +3.48
How to read javascript enum value -2.56
javascript: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'set'... 0.00
typing variable when using subclasses in TypeScript (RxJS) 0.00
useReducer's initialState is typed as never? +3.70
Defining a choice of index type on an interface -2.38
Referring to "this" in event function while still being a... 0.00
creating properties in constructor +3.68
In Redux - is there any difference between using store.dispatch() a... 0.00
React + TypeScript +0.70
Declare a Typescript function that complies to a type 0.00
How to return strongly typed value from a Map<string, object>... 0.00
How to correctly update redux state in ReactJS reducer? +3.88
CSS Grid without Media Queries? 0.00
I set 'state' to '0'. However, nothing appears in t... 0.00
In what format should I store cart data in the local storage 0.00
How can I show error message after select photo? 0.00
Component not rerendering on state change? -4.28
I made a voteapp with react.js, used styled-components but in index... 0.00
Angular - Unexpected token < +3.77
Correct way of using FlatList 0.00
React / Redux / JavaScript: How to pass a callback in string format... 0.00
Some doubts about the event emit in Angular 2. How exactly this exa... -3.63
Searching for words in string +4.53
click anywhere to close dropdown in react -4.27
Angular 2 - Show an element and Hide the others, -1.47
How to use EventEmitter from child component with observable in par... +3.71
Angular2 Jasmine SpyOn Method Does Not Exist 0.00
Angular2 - How to set `touched` property on from to true 0.00
Create child components with NgFor then call a method of whichever... -1.09
Karma + Jasmine + Angular2 + Webpack: coreTesting.setBaseTestProvid... +3.78
Property binding ngif not used by any directive on an embedded temp... 0.00
Disposing of observables in dynamically instantiated Angular2 servi... +3.60
Angular2 dont fire changeDetection after click 0.00
RxJs : 'Map' on an Array of Observable<T>, but return... -0.18
Is there any way to listen to changes on an input range in Angular 2? -0.02