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Sam Harwell

1585.28 (2,614th)
83,914 (966th)
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Title Δ
How to avoid creating of parasitic lexer rules in Antlr4? 0.00
Digit ranges in Antlr4? Should lexer rules be unambiguous in Antlr4? 0.00
ANTLR 4.5.3 C# lexer fails to initialize (ATN UUID error) 0.00
Removing mutual left-recursion from left-recursive rules 0.00
What could be a reason for `_localctx` being null in an antlr4 sema... 0.00
Precedence of alternation vs sequencing in ANTLR4 0.00
ANTLR V4 + Java8 Grammar -> OutOfMemoryException 0.00
my lexer token action is not invoked 0.00
Antlr : suppress console logs from antlr 0.00
Copying a vector of structs containing unique_ptrs +0.36
Why am I not get getting correct column positions in that parse tree? 0.00
Can a walker be stopped? 0.00
ANTLR is taking the wrong branch 0.00
ANTLR4: Unrecognized constant value in a lexer command 0.00
StyleCop and/or a general style guide? -2.17
ANTRL4: Token rule that matches any characters until it encounters... -0.50
Regex-EBNF coversion issue python 0.00
Why ANTLR4 parsers accumulates ATNConfig objects? 0.00
Java Grammar from Github for ANTLR4 and C# target 0.00
Specify a parameter "may be null or not null" in Code Con... -1.50
Antlr4 maven and Java 1.8 0.00
StringTemplate: Content [Anonymous] Attribute String Isn't Defi... 0.00
Using GUIDs as attributes to substitute in a tem... 0.00
Could the JIT collapse two volatile reads as one in certain express... +1.02
Is it possible to cache Reflection accessor to backing fields for o... 0.00
Microsoft.Bcl.Immutable vs System.Collections.Immutable.Net40 0.00
Generate Javadoc in Netbeans is disabled 0.00
Google Apis Strong naming in binaries -0.58
Antlr4 float parse 0.00
The position of <EOF> in ANTLR 4 is kind of strange? 0.00
How to match $ in antler lexical rules 0.00
ATLR 4 - Iterative vs Recursive 0.00
Roslyn - replace node and fix the whitespaces 0.00
Antlr 4: Method for switching modes in parser 0.00
.NET server garbage collection and object lifetime +0.43
ANTLR4 - what is the reason of prioritizing one rule over another i... -0.12
How to make antlr 4 runtime as an osgibundle? 0.00
Antlr4 match whole input string or bust 0.00
Targeting old java release with maven+netbeans without installing t... +0.36
ANTLR4 pushMode, popMode, mode 0.00
Why I get OutOfMemoryException when generating parser tree with ANT... 0.00
Parsing Cool Language with antlr, cant print the desired out put 0.00
Why can't I pass List<T> to a generic constructor paramet... -0.53
Speed of property dictionary slower than using a switch statement 0.00
Is wrapping System.Math a bad idea? 0.00
ANTLR4 - multiple code blocks in lexer rule 0.00
VisualStudio extension develop´╝ÜHow to detect file is changed or How... 0.00
Why is compiler changing if condition to a ternary operator 0.00
Port VS2010 CodeGenerator extension to VS2013 0.00
When do two RuntimeMethodHandles from different MethodInfos compare... 0.00