An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1570.88 (3,720th)
42,213 (2,584th)
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Title Δ
Non-escaped query parameters for URL 0.00
Is there a better name for "Last In, Random Out?" 0.00
How to calculate end date 0.00
How does Go handle comparison without a builtin Comparable interface? 0.00
Should I import package if it contains the same name part? 0.00
How can I find what tests cover specific Go code? 0.00
panic: runtime error: slice bounds out of range [2:1] 0.00
Connection leak in lib/pq postgres driver 0.00
Struggling with the Go time module 0.00
Function pointer as argument with "return interface{}" 0.00
Should I create new context in each incoming request? 0.00
How to re-replicate documents after they have been purged in remote... 0.00
Different behaviour of break vs. return in infinite loop when imple... 0.00
How to not round durations 0.00
Is it possible to call a test Func from another file to start the t... 0.00
Case insensitive regex in Hyperledger Fabric 0.00
String variable with limited number of characters 0.00
How should I reuse a struct in a common lib, and change the json fi... 0.00
Why using channel in this function? 0.00
HTTP GET fails when adding array in param, but will success using p... 0.00
How to get response header from reverse proxy 0.00
How to process JSON plugin config with structs not known at compile... 0.00
cannot understand a specific type of view in couchdb 0.00
Is there a way to prevent gofmt from converting code functions to m... 0.00
I have a single processor with 4 physical cores, and each core has... +2.95
How to return first http response to answer +1.27
How to handle errors in a goroutine +0.09
Why does closing a channel in defer statement panic? +1.75
How to run test in parallel requiring different values for env vari... 0.00
How to receive multiple values returned by a method in testify fram... +0.40
What is the correct way to return from function? -0.35
Is there an idiomatic way to index through a type-asserted interfac... +1.77
Redigo concurrent Set gives data race 0.00
Can someone suggest why a Go build from source (1.4) fails because... 0.00
Accessing Context where there is no http.Request -1.37
How to convert a struct to a different struct with fewer fields +0.21
How do I refer to a PouchDB as a property of an object without init... 0.00
How to feed a random source with uint32s 0.00
This question was not interesting for the community 0.00
Defer in Go seems to add latency 0.00
How to access unconverted driver.Value slice of sql.Rows 0.00
is redirecting standard library log to logrus thread safe 0.00
Can you prevent an invalid custom type from being created? -1.24
Is it possible to assert that a real method is called via spying in... +1.61
Is it possible to use multiple tag values for a single tag like in... -0.25
How to mock a ping command -0.68
How can I use struct tags when marshalling xml fields? +1.62
dynamodbattribute.UnmarshalMap canges the type of my variable to ma... +0.41
What's the best way to delete all database records used for a T... 0.00
Invalid identifier character with file name "insertion" 0.00