An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1570.88 (3,720th)
42,213 (2,584th)
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Title Δ
I have a single processor with 4 physical cores, and each core has... +2.95
How to return first http response to answer +1.27
How to handle errors in a goroutine +0.09
Why does closing a channel in defer statement panic? +1.75
How to run test in parallel requiring different values for env vari... 0.00
How to receive multiple values returned by a method in testify fram... +0.40
What is the correct way to return from function? -0.35
Is there an idiomatic way to index through a type-asserted interfac... +1.77
Redigo concurrent Set gives data race 0.00
Can someone suggest why a Go build from source (1.4) fails because... 0.00
Accessing Context where there is no http.Request -1.37
How to convert a struct to a different struct with fewer fields +0.21
How do I refer to a PouchDB as a property of an object without init... 0.00
How to feed a random source with uint32s 0.00
This question was not interesting for the community 0.00
Defer in Go seems to add latency 0.00
How to access unconverted driver.Value slice of sql.Rows 0.00
is redirecting standard library log to logrus thread safe 0.00
Can you prevent an invalid custom type from being created? -1.24
Is it possible to assert that a real method is called via spying in... +1.61
Is it possible to use multiple tag values for a single tag like in... -0.25
How to mock a ping command -0.68
How can I use struct tags when marshalling xml fields? +1.62
dynamodbattribute.UnmarshalMap canges the type of my variable to ma... +0.41
What's the best way to delete all database records used for a T... 0.00
Invalid identifier character with file name "insertion" 0.00
Can single defer func() be shared by other functions? 0.00
Hyperledger Fabric CouchDB index: "no matching index found" 0.00
How do I take minutes and hours from time.Now() function 0.00
Golang project Travis CI Build fails with error `Makefile:15: recip... 0.00
Go channel not receiving/printing last value sent to channel 0.00
Can you perform CRUD on CouchDB view? 0.00
Transform gin.Context to context.Context 0.00
Html template stored in map crashes on first invocation 0.00
Why single goroutine run slower than multiple goroutines when runti... 0.00
Trying to end goroutine using close(ch) but end up running infinitely 0.00
Go vet warning about ignoring context cancel function 0.00
Move previous commits to another branch 0.00
How to implement multithreading in wasm created using golang? 0.00
Synchronous API wrapper over asynchronous callback-based API 0.00
Write file from exec.Command -1.84
Accessing global variables within same file/package 0.00
struct embeding, function inputs, polymorphism 0.00
The Go way to implement the Observer design pattern +1.42
How is HandlerFunc returned by function that should return Handler? -0.59
Can I get the size of a http.NewRequest before I POST? +2.48
How to call localhost Handler efficiently with Go Gin? And how to g... 0.00
Save images from attached file at couchdb +0.41
GZip JSON payload in GoLang before POST -1.55
Read extern JSON file -0.82