An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

David J. Sokol

1530.17 (18,363rd)
2,266 (74,282nd)
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Title Δ
RPC_E_SERVERFAULT error on oppening an Excel file in 0.00
Excel .net component? 0.00
Why do MSTests Assert.AreEqual(1.0, double.NaN, 0.0) pass? 0.00
VBScript Excel Formatting .xlsx files +3.73
How to hide complete volume? +3.75
Difference between Convert.ToDecimal(string) & Decimal.Parse(st... -1.27
C# Datatype for large sorted collection with position? +3.74
Extending/Merging VB Arrays -1.76
App referencing Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo requires additional assembl... +3.86
VS2008 Setup Project always requires .NET 3.5 at install time but I... -2.23
Best Practice for Creating Data Tables Without Controls in +3.83
What is the best way to implement soft deletion? +3.11
Doing away with Globals? +2.41
Simple free-or-cheap tool for rolling out Windows XP + standardized... +3.16
Parsing exact dates in C# shouldn't force you to create an IFormatP... +3.98
VB.NET on Vista, trying to get date (Today) causes security exception +3.85
When should you use the singleton pattern instead of a static class? -4.01
How can I run an external program from C and parse its output? +1.27
C# numeric constants +0.98
Authenticating Domain Users with System.DirectoryServices +0.01
Vista or XP for Dev Machine +1.75