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Matt Ball

1716.24 (90th)
291,371 (126th)
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Title Δ
Js: Why shift and not push? -0.17
How do I fix this intelliJ issue? -0.48
Why javascript IF/ELSE doesn't work properly? +0.63
How do I get the browser to open the pdf in a new tab instead of ju... +0.22
Linear time number calculation of 1's -0.77
What's wrong with my Constructor? My code completely ignores it -0.72
Is there a term for a "single mutex deadlock" (deadlock-t... +1.03
How to write Regex for positive float numbers and positive integer... -0.28
Does every TCP packet for a HTTP request contain a HTTP Header? -2.79
How to properly format JSON for storing a time/temperature combinat... 0.00
What is the standard practice to serve a REST API request, based on... 0.00
RegEx Scope of Alternation 0.00
What is Difference between sibling and children +0.43
Generic parent object cannot be returned as child without cast -0.14
Does a higher variable value use more computing power? 0.00
How to inject an object in jaxrs with @Context annotation 0.00
Variable result isn't found +0.22
CompletableFuture injection from the inside +1.45
Java safe return type container +0.95
Garbage Collection After System.Exit 0.00
How do a ignore a certain disk pattern in .gitignore? +0.23
Java any way to keep a method usable only by class and subclasses? +0.79
Add a property at a specific position to a json string with jackson... -1.00
sql NOT with ALL operator 0.00
Converting duration to years in Java8 Date API? +0.56
java basic array error +0.84
How to force toString() to print "undefined" instead of &... +0.42
2 boolean check aren't compatible +0.24
+!! operator in an if statement +1.07
regular expression && || conundrum +0.22
Java kill 3 thread dump output redirect -0.29
Javascript builder pattern using private variables 0.00
Limit a variety of regex patterns to execute by user on the server 0.00
Find a links by Regular expressions - Java +0.22
HttpResponse code not 200 +0.23
Function within function within function seems to be losing tempora... -0.03
Which is the class that parse persistence annotations? +0.22
Call sibling element in javascript function array 0.00
Can stream 'map' be used for such processing? +1.27
Annotation to replace in-line or in-code comments in Java -0.28
Assigning an Object a modified version of itself using methods - Ba... -0.27
Error while Deserializing in Java -0.68
Varying enums in Java being accessed by common method 0.00
How to delete all companies or contacts? 0.00
Cannot reference a field before it is defined, but only if you don&... +0.89
In java, what happens when deleting an object while it is being used? +0.73
Is there any Jersey client setting that would allow resending of co... 0.00
How do I prevent Eclipse from indexing things in Maven repo JAR fil... 0.00
Would delayed display of an email address be useful against email s... 0.00
Standard OS naming scheme 0.00