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Matt Ball

1716.40 (91st)
291,371 (122nd)
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Title Δ
How do I fix this intelliJ issue? -0.48
Why javascript IF/ELSE doesn't work properly? +0.63
How do I get the browser to open the pdf in a new tab instead of ju... +0.22
Linear time number calculation of 1's -0.77
What's wrong with my Constructor? My code completely ignores it -0.72
Is there a term for a "single mutex deadlock" (deadlock-t... +1.03
How to write Regex for positive float numbers and positive integer... -0.28
Does every TCP packet for a HTTP request contain a HTTP Header? -2.79
How to properly format JSON for storing a time/temperature combinat... 0.00
What is the standard practice to serve a REST API request, based on... 0.00
RegEx Scope of Alternation 0.00
What is Difference between sibling and children +0.43
Generic parent object cannot be returned as child without cast -0.14
Does a higher variable value use more computing power? 0.00
How to inject an object in jaxrs with @Context annotation 0.00
Variable result isn't found +0.22
CompletableFuture injection from the inside +1.45
Java safe return type container +0.95
Garbage Collection After System.Exit 0.00
How do a ignore a certain disk pattern in .gitignore? +0.23
Java any way to keep a method usable only by class and subclasses? +0.79
Add a property at a specific position to a json string with jackson... -1.00
sql NOT with ALL operator 0.00
Converting duration to years in Java8 Date API? +0.56
java basic array error +0.84
How to force toString() to print "undefined" instead of &... +0.42
2 boolean check aren't compatible +0.24
+!! operator in an if statement +1.07
regular expression && || conundrum +0.22
Java kill 3 thread dump output redirect -0.29
Javascript builder pattern using private variables 0.00
Limit a variety of regex patterns to execute by user on the server 0.00
Find a links by Regular expressions - Java +0.22
HttpResponse code not 200 +0.23
Function within function within function seems to be losing tempora... -0.03
Which is the class that parse persistence annotations? +0.22
Call sibling element in javascript function array 0.00
Can stream 'map' be used for such processing? +1.27
Annotation to replace in-line or in-code comments in Java -0.28
Assigning an Object a modified version of itself using methods - Ba... -0.27
Error while Deserializing in Java -0.68
Varying enums in Java being accessed by common method 0.00
How to delete all companies or contacts? 0.00
Cannot reference a field before it is defined, but only if you don&... +0.89
In java, what happens when deleting an object while it is being used? +0.73
Is there any Jersey client setting that would allow resending of co... 0.00
How do I prevent Eclipse from indexing things in Maven repo JAR fil... 0.00
Would delayed display of an email address be useful against email s... 0.00
Standard OS naming scheme 0.00
Does the title tag have content? 0.00