An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Jon Harrop

1470.15 (4,392,760th)
40,033 (2,789th)
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Title Δ
Why can I not print this input a second time in OCaml? 0.00
Is it impossible to have a nested match on a recursive datatype tha... 0.00
How can F# "remove a lot of subtle bug" from OCaml "... 0.00
F# tail recursion with XAMARIN MAC OS 0.00
Why is the F# version of this program 6x faster than the Haskell one? -0.22
Should one prefer ImmutableDictionary, or ImmutableSortedDictionary? +0.19
Parsing "x y z" with the precedence of multiply 0.00
Is it possible to run .NET Core on Raspberry PI? 0.00
Deciphering Type Explanations in F# -0.66
F# accumulating sequence of random numbers -1.25
A MailboxProcessor that operates with a LIFO logic -0.45
Is this idiomatic F# for a fairly quick infinite recursive sequence? 0.00
Map array into array of tuples of previous, current, and next values +0.35
Record Equals or GetHashCode throws NullReferenceException -1.13
Finding (and removing) repeating pairs in array -0.61
Difficulty in writing Red Black Tree in F# 0.00
iterative binary search implementation in f# -0.84
Async code + Async.RunSynchronously vs. plain synchronous code 0.00
F# resolving deadlock -0.95
Lookup function for large list of floats - memoized computation? -0.48
What weaknesses of FunScript should I be aware of? 0.00
How do I append to a list in F# rather than prepend? -0.84
One line F# code is hard to understand -1.81
Difference between higher order and curried functions -0.86
thinking objectively vs. functionally +0.52
Incomplete match with AND patterns -0.16
A very basic Type check fails in F# ... why? -1.91
How can I get succinct, legible XML output for F# serialization? +0.51
F# Immutable data structures for high frequency real-time streaming... -0.85
in f# is there a language construct for testing if a number is betw... -1.76
F# GetDigitValue value or construct not valid -0.47
How does one avoid reallocation in a low-latency environment? 0.00
How to find gc roots in a stack machine? +0.32
MailboxProcessor performance problems +2.22
F# - how to group previous, this and next elements in circular Seq 0.00
concurrent garbage collection for a c++ graph data structure -0.47
What's the difference between `ImmutableSortedSet` and fsharp `Set`? 0.00
Idiomatic way of aggregating denormalized data +1.13
When does the .net garbage collector do for long running method? 0.00
Why does functions in F# implemented in such a way? -0.44
cost of implementing pipeline operator -1.32
F# and "enterprise-level" reporting +0.82
N-ary tuples vs pairs 0.00
Splitting a list by alternating elements -1.09
what's the best way to hardcode a multiple-line string? +1.14
How to create new type at runtime in F#? +0.02
Language with types as first-class values? +0.50
Converting F# seq expressions to OCaml +1.49
Converting F# pipeline operators ( <|, >>, << ) to O... -0.38
MailboxProcessor data serialization? 0.00