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1664.84 (366th)
99,387 (747th)
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Title Δ
How do I redraw symbols on the panel after some time? 0.00
How to use Collectors.groupingBy to instead of list of grouped elem... 0.00
Struggling with substring() logic for 2 character string on CodingBat 0.00
Create JSONObject inside JSONObject to post the data 0.00
Regex for getting parentheses within parentheses infinitely 0.00
Converting a JSONArray to csv using java 0.00
How to parse the String with custom tags? 0.00
Are instance methods ever resolved using static binding? 0.00
split string not included a string in java +0.85
Java regex to match specific url in a html string +0.27
How to end java program -2.52
How to Sort two field (date and boolean) comparator in java +1.03
See if a String has keywords provided in LinkedList with equals() +0.70
JAVA: Delimiter removed when reversing a string -0.20
How to replace all non-alphabetic characters and keep the spaces? 0.00
Why does class String constructor method with parameter StringBuffe... +1.07
Fix issue with regex expression getting first word in string in Java? -0.68
Java - Converting character of string to uppercase using RegEx 0.00
How to write a regular expression in Java to match a text at the be... 0.00
String.chars() - why "i - '0'" is used here? -0.20
what is the significance of (k<<24)>>>24 in remote s... 0.00
class parameter of generic type 0.00
Is there an easy way to eliminate the final comma in my output? Num... 0.00
Regular expressions - can't match Cyrillic characters with \w -1.78
positive lookbehind not behaving correctly +1.12
How to cast an object to Enum and get the current value in Java +0.25
Why does functional interface with void return-type method accept a... -1.24
how to condense several foreach into a single for-each? +0.26
Get all data out from enum type +1.21
Polymorphism - Method overriding and overloading not clear +0.56
Char replacing in java 0.00
Return a new string with all occurrences of input character shifted... -0.86
sort results in ascending return in the form A, a, B, b... in Java -1.15
How would I replace this function with a regex replace -1.51
How not to match the first empty string in this regex? +0.28
Jsoup after method doesn't work the way it's expected 0.00
How to wrap part of text with a <span> or any other HTML tag... +0.28
Why use " " and not ' ' for outputting a blank? -0.45
Regex expression with letters before -0.88
How to merge Stream<Map<String, Map<String, String>>... +0.94
Why Java 8 compilation fails when Default Method is overridden by s... +0.28
Jsoup doesn't work properly with encoded link containing non-le... 0.00
Lambda - if anyMatch do something orElse do something 0.00
How to select few lines with Streams staring from one which matches... 0.00
Build new json string using a json template file and a json data file 0.00
RegEx for combining multiple sequences -0.64
Why Char won't print, and counter exceeded my loop; -2.78
Why does this logic return "NOT"? +0.27
Java 1.7. How to replace two characters side by side in a regular e... 0.00