An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Torsten Walter

1507.80 (97,849th)
4,724 (35,195th)
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Title Δ
Is there a way to track changes to the DOM and CSS Inspector in dev... 0.00
Need to click Each li Element without affecting parent +0.59
check if string variable name is a javascript fuction of an object -0.26
How to render a template without model.toJSON() in marionette -0.02
Backbone.View: delegateEvents not re-binding events to subview 0.00
Accessing different HTML files from javascript +2.89
iPad background image resizing 0.00
Disabling submit button while using ajax validation -0.25
JQuery not selecting SELECT +0.50
Showing & Hiding Text with Javascript +0.47
testing regular expressions javascript +0.25
Making JS local function globally accessible -0.26
what browsers do not support native forEach, filter, every and so on -0.91
Javascript: Date Issue while validating in JavaScript function -0.02
iPad always assuming portrait-width as max-width 0.00
Javascript Inheritance - Calling a function from another prototype -1.66
How do I use the new jQuery .on() function (with CoffeeScript)? 0.00
Howto bind a click event in a Backbone subview -0.50
js rendering a lot of html using json -1.23
javascript collision detection between drawable circles 0.00
What's the difference between 987 and (987) in JavaScript? +0.53
Backbone, parse JSON and then how do I trigger render? +0.47
FOR loop performance in Javascript +1.21
Do CSS pre-processors produce more efficient CSS code? +0.96
How should I check the Backbone.View when Backbone.Model changes 0.00
Multiplication with JavaScript 0.00
Client-side image resizing. Any known issues? +1.16
CSS Sprites performance -1.22
Having trouble with nth-child() selector +0.49
Javascript add string to start -0.37
JavaScript: Insert variable into an array +2.18
CSS3 Multiple Cubes 0.00
Javascript and regex: split string and keep the separator +3.01
jquery - $.map - returning element not appending properly +0.41
event on scroll down 0.00
differences between $("#element") and $(document.getEleme... +0.31
Determine an installed app using Safari on iPhone 0.00
Issue with removing elements in firefox 0.00
confusion with .closest() .siblings() .find() -1.74
Making JQuery call work for all JSON fields +0.02
js call function stored in 2D array -4.23
How to write dustjs in php code without nodejs +3.89
Circumventing webkit bug on positioning <li> bullet wrong aft... 0.00
Render html immediately after Jquery append +4.26
Letting website users know that there is an iOS app available -1.92
JavaScript - innerHTML to change more then first occurrence plus ra... +0.64
What's the best practice way to make a hover menu work for mobile? +4.02
Is it possible to mock the window.location object for a qUnit test? 0.00
Chrome and Safari ignores my -webkit-transition- 0.00
Get the url of a element +4.01