An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Daham Akalanka

1466.53 (4,523,669th)
27 (1,388,378th)
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Title Δ
CSS backdrop-filter:blur in Safari and Chrome render problem -3.82
Distribute a user input among the predefined numbers -3.52
== equality check operator working functionality do it use hashcode... -1.29
how to on click textarea focus with chips input Vue CSS 0.00
how to set input as public constanta +2.09
how to stop div backgrounds from overlapping 0.00
Return sum from specific column, group by 2 factors with a count +0.20
Star Rating System in RTL -1.34
How can I distribute the same height between my elements according... -3.74
how to take the header and paragraph in separate line when the head... 0.00
Problems trying to incorporate search into responsive menu -1.88
How to make the footer stick to the bottom of the page and centered... -1.99
How to place input fields on top of a shaped div? +0.68
Explain the use of CSS properties: -webkit-border-radius and border... 0.00
How to put other backpack to main backpack? +0.17
Mysql TIMESTAMPDIFF for time datatype return negative value -3.75
Pseudo Class 'nth-child()' not working with ':hover" -3.05
Max value for the front size does not affect browser font size -1.67
I want to create fixed sidebar but scroll does not work +0.03
Resize the Jumbotron element from Bootstrap to fit the width of scr... 0.00
How come my second, delayed CSS animation is messing up everything? -3.88
Changing H4 font colour in CSS -0.07
JavaFX, Error with my annotation and my on event -3.77
If i compared the instance variable of class with the object what w... -2.75
Unable to change the background color of my bottom navigation bar -1.59
CSS - Make a responsive square grid, using grid -0.02
Can an HTML5 web page be protected from user text containing unterm... +0.01
Floating an image over another one issue css 0.00
select array of class objects field -2.64
How do I make elements stand on top of each other when I resize the... +4.13
How to do get needed return vaule from multiple inheritence in java? 0.00