An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1470.75 (4,391,909th)
5,286 (31,170th)
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Title Δ
button in popup.html not working 0.00
Get ArrayList from another Class +0.53
Why $('<p><div></div></p>') returns... -0.65
how to make '' to be not checked in if statements? +0.76
Onclick event wont add class to div +0.10
Java - Input and If statements -0.04
why is .setColor(,,,) saying unable to find symbol in this program? 0.00
Can i run Jasmine tests in JSFiddle? -0.44
Accessing Strings in other methods created by JOptionPane? -0.44
Will this loop run infinitely? -0.82
"new" keyword with Comparator Interface -0.48
what's the difference meaning of the keyword static between c and c... -1.05
Out of boundaries error with a 2D Array Java 0.00
adding { - } in a for loop : c programming +0.21
Can I define a method inside a method? +0.61
Java long assignment confusing -0.60
Void is an invalid type for the variable highlightt 0.00
If both var have same value why it will show not equal -0.92
Why printing a static 2D array in C gives me seg fault? +0.93
Unsorted HashSet in Java +1.02
Constantly getting NullPointerException -0.02
Random array of 1's and 0's using methods -1.75
how do i round/trucate a number without using methods like math.rou... +0.15
How in Javascript (or in Node), the function's arguments are recogn... -1.53
Java cannot find symbol in scanner 0.00
JAVA - Dividing by Zero & Returning a Correct Answer = Undefined +1.29
Debugging using console Input +4.20
String.compareTo() vs String.matches() in Java Performance -3.42
Want to loop but variable is not initialized +4.14
Jquery Auto Complete Inside a Popup -4.43
Eclipse Format Comment 0.00
How to add Google Analytics Tracking ID to GitHub Pages 0.00
How can I fix my code so it can input letters -1.32
Jquery combine toggle with a close button -1.33
Assign two different jquery click events to same item -2.11
Calling methods inside Constructor -1.13
Setting environment variable for CHROME_BIN does not work +4.19
jQuery collapsible +4.38
Making a list of numbers and their squares in C# using a loop -1.81
Having trouble with terminating code on a recessive palindrome method -1.03
Why would it jump to the `else` part? -0.44
Can we execute a java program without a main() method? -1.79
how to use decimal format to compare values? -0.06
string literals/escapes -1.59
ArrayList method toArray in Java has @SuppressWarnings("unchec... 0.00
Why the pattern mismatch occurs? -2.13
Do loop while input isn't a or b? +0.41
Netbeans desktop application of teacher attendance +0.23
Regarding an outcome of an java class +1.07
How to generate patterns according count? -3.25