An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1471.02 (4,518,158th)
194 (471,561st)
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Title Δ
Making my span class row, reset and submit button horizontal instea... -1.71
Grid CSS having the last two items to take the remaining space -3.01
How do i make higher z-index load before lower z-index -1.77
CSS Grid 1 top 3 bottom 0.00
How to center items in a css grid 0.00
How to crop an image when the window is resized HTML/CSS +0.28
How to make website menu dropdown on hover rather than click -1.76
Center column takes twice the space - css layout -3.80
Add right padding to text inside div +0.09
I want to create a bit of text that changes its font at random inte... 0.00
When is it best to use HTML presentation tags or CSS to style eleme... -1.20
Make button is disabled if space is typed in textarea 0.00
How to align text to the left side when div is rotated? 0.00
Flex container (direction: column, wrapping) is smaller than width... 0.00
How to make an animation that moves infinitely right, down, left, a... -1.12
Run extension command on save 0.00
Create a bubble speech rectangle using css 0.00
how to put in a div 2 images in the css background-image: url(.....) 0.00
how can i make one div row longer than the rest in a grid container? 0.00
How to replicate this text from an image in CSS? -3.65
Width using percentages not working with inner divs 0.00
How to Get a Scroll Bar to be Ontop of Content 0.00
Can't get a background color to work in CSS -2.06
How do I use two background images on a website. One will be in fro... -3.93
How to set an image properly as background? 0.00
How to change css properties of one element as soon it shows up on... 0.00
How do you change length of an hr tag? -3.51
Questions about media queries +2.07
font size is not constant across viewports +0.09
Julia: Vscode extension to send code to the top? 0.00
draw square outside contain CSS -1.29
How to position brackets and symbols relative to a form input grid? 0.00
CSS grid - Overlapping grid line numbers 0.00
How to disconnect Github account from Visual Studio Code 0.00
How to put Image beside text +1.15
Change ctrl+k-o (new project) directory -4.00
Is there a shortcut in VSC jump directly to fil the quotations? 0.00
How to extract all the hyperlinks and their text strings from HTML? +0.15
How to add a semicolon on all unclosed lines in a css file in vscode? 0.00
In vscode I hide notice(bottom right corner), but I want to redispl... 0.00
How to create a line with a "v" effect using HTML and CSS 0.00