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Stephen C

1663.22 (376th)
546,774 (32nd)
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Title Δ
Groovy StreamingTemplateEngine IOException: mark() not supported 0.00
Java: Escape XML text content instead of entire text 0.00
Java Abstract Class TransformerFactory can be instantiated? +0.38
Load a java agent during runtime on OpenJDK? 0.00
Object Array point null +0.28
Attempt execution uniquness in a java project? +0.74 Too many open files when reading files from fo... 0.00
Where do references to Java Objects really exist´╝č +1.21
Java Listening to a UDP port 0.00
writeObject(this) halts the program 0.00
Why doesn't Java have setMessage in Exception/Throwable classes? +1.13
Read the Garbage Collection (GC) configuration from external file i... 0.00
File.exists() returns false for file (directory) that actually exists +1.03
Need suggestion in optimizing the below code 0.00
java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: C:\...\xxx.dll: Can't load this... +0.29
extension of class to compare two objects 0.00
What is Difference between Runnable in a ThreadPool vs Runnable ins... +1.24
why isnt it piping to the cd command? 0.00
Reverse Engineer JDBC Oracle Connection String 0.00
how to use thissecurity problem in ssh server? 0.00
Will reading one file constantly eventally damage my hard drive? 0.00
Getting Error like uses unchecked or unsafe operations +1.39
why does Java DataOutputStream Class provide write() , writeInt() w... 0.00
How do I go about implementing a static method which references a p... +0.29
Java process getting killed likely due to Linux OOM killer 0.00
Java process getting killed likely due to Linux OOM killer 0.00
How to properly set the G1GC options for a server with 22G heap +0.29
Is creating a dedicated class for a scanner a useful input solution? +0.27
Does == actually work the same or different when comparing two prim... +0.99
Detect number of physical cores programmatically 0.00
Url Problem while Developing on Localhost and deploy on Remote Virt... 0.00
what this line of code URLClassLoader(new URL[0],getCla... 0.00
Shorter encoding than Base64 0.00
Reading from s3 bucket with thousands of s3 objects 0.00
Java - decode base64 - Illegal base64 character 1 +0.32
How the lock remains on the object held by a thread after it gets d... +0.99
How do I make a constructor that assigns multiple parameters? +0.29
Install4j Java minimum version seems not functional -2.67
Deleting file during FTP/Database connection failed -0.21
high performance communication between a java app and javascript ap... 0.00
Java Cross Platform File Operations -0.96
Use TLS 1.2 in mssql jdbc 0.00
Java - File send through socket is empty if the file to send is not... 0.00
Hibernate session.delete issuing wrong SQL command 0.00
If java Serializable disappears, will the same be done with Externa... 0.00
Why do we need jackson databind? +0.11
Reentrantlock - Why do we need to acquire a lock multiple times? 0.00
Why we are obliged to clear a PhantomReference manually? 0.00
Why does the getter function gives error when used in place of &quo... 0.00
Does the JRE support posix TZ description rather than TZ name? +1.43