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Stephen C

1651.66 (486th)
522,428 (31st)
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Title Δ
calculating the query response time of a search engine over the int... 0.00
Does brackets matter in a combination of post decrement or incremen... +1.08
Where are member fields located in JVM? +0.30
ClassCastException when trying to parse a JSONArray +0.27
Why I can't call methods outside of my websocket server in Java? 0.00
JVM memory allocation and deallocation in this demo explained? 0.00
Extend a class who has no constructor 0.00
java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when it shouldn't happen 0.00
SocketAppender via UDP: possible? 0.00
Compressing InputStream using apache commons compress library 0.00
How to create ThreadPool that executes random task from queue 0.00
What type of error occurs when using an uninitialized variable? +1.02
leetcode compiler doesn't work like eclipse 0.00
Why does ObjectInput/OutputStream lose object references when readi... 0.00
Non-binary tree implementation with cyclic checks -1.16
No virtual method getLongVersionCode()J when getting version code 0.00
Heap space OutOfMemoryError: available vs. requested 0.00
Is the API for `Random.ints(origin, bound)`, `.longs(origin, bound)... 0.00
How to eliminate com.sun.jndi.ldap references from my Java project? 0.00
Number of DB Connections vs Java Threads -2.42
How to use a deprecated import in java? -2.61
Java default serialization with long class and field names 0.00
Is this thread safe and efficient in java +2.19
which feature in java 1.7 paved the way for lambda expression in 1.8? 0.00
1.7 the code works fine, but in 1.6 it breaks with handshake error 0.00
How can I get only specific values from an Arraylist 0.00
Some Chinese characters cannot be interpreted when REST call is tri... 0.00
Why will Java convert the double to float type in this situation? +0.60
How to determine program complexity in Big-O when adding to a full... 0.00
Initialization order in java, contructor inside static block -1.48
is it necessary to write try and catch block in some method in java... 0.00
Is GZIP algorithm platform independent -0.55
Download File from SFTP server without using JSch 0.00
Caused by java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException in the equalizer 0.00
is String thread safe? +0.31
Java 8 HashMap - Is the default treeify threshold value '8'... 0.00
How do I serialize the ExecutorService in Java? +0.29
Do checked exceptions violate the open closed principle? -1.42
Do checked exceptions violate the open closed principle? +1.58
ASCII character reading issue: Euro symbol coming empty +0.28
Systematically replace ALL words in plain txt, with a new library o... 0.00
Handle high number of traditional synchronous/blocking HTTP client... 0.00
Why is heap.toArray(new int[0][0]) allowed? -0.71
What commands can I use to see the detail of the <clinit> of... 0.00
Restarting my server using an external program +0.24
'appletviewer' is not recognized as an internal or external... 0.00
Incompatible types. Found: 'java.lang.Enum', required: '... +0.29
What will happen if JVM heap memory is full and you are trying to c... +2.55
Adding a GIF image in Java +0.31
What are the rules of catchable Exceptions in try catch blocks in J... -0.21