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Stephen C

1641.30 (619th)
334,265 (30th)
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Title Δ
Array index out of Bound Exception handling inside try catch +0.31
My Android app not supporting Android version 9 -0.19
Java // Redundancy +0.07
Load thumbnails for video - JavaFx 0.00
How is java `wait()` waiting implemented? +0.01
java class destroy's another class +1.33
How to capture heap dump without data in java 0.00
Precise Big O Execution Count -0.45
Is there a way to store data-points instead of creating multi-dimen... +0.31
Java time getting out of sync 0.00
How to not keep Static variable across multiple request with Tomcat? 0.00
For security, is it safe to pass new String(char[]) as an argument... +0.31
openjdk8 source miss java_lang_String.h file 0.00
Getting private ip in android -0.31
What happens when an object is only defined? -0.34
Why is Spliterators.spliteratorUnknownSize() not late-binding? 0.00
Http status code practices for Authorization header -0.20
Serialize a HashMap of key value pairs and convert it into a format... -2.61
how synchronized block works? +1.14
Why java TransferQueue cannot "transfer()" after "pu... 0.00
ForkJoinPool performance Java 8 vs 11 +2.17
Can array of primitive data type be instantiated? +0.28
Will the use of Class as key for a HashMap cause undesireable effec... +0.26
Why URL constructor does not allow relative URL? +0.32
Generalizing rule: What operations ALWAYS cause IOException? 0.00
Recompile with -Xlint : unchecked for details 0.00
How to fix ' java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Not a valid ge... +1.19
How to set number of threads as a downstream variable in PBS job qu... 0.00
What is a natural return type in java? +0.22
Interbase DB JDBC connection 0.00
I am facing 500 Internal server error: access denied to the file 0.00
Garbage Collection (Local references) +0.19
Java - Why the subclass of ArithmeticException class is not called? +1.57
Why does the getInputStream() method of HttpURLConnection return an... 0.00
Automatically get License Information of all dependent open source... 0.00
Compiler does not recognize button 0.00
Using a non-system-dependent bash shebang (instead of #!/bin/bash)... 0.00
Putting a breakpoint in a non reachable thread forces it to run +1.63
Why could GC time increase in Kafka brokers with constant number of... +0.32
Why Scanner constructors with String encoding argument throw no Uns... 0.00
Is there a way to check if Java has started reading a new line in a... 0.00
How can I overpass syntax error at this code? -0.18
How to improve performance of a simple select query in oracle +1.46
When shall use setAutoCommit(true) in Java 0.00
OpenStack: what is a stack? 0.00
How can I create a web token for account confirmation mail in JAVA 0.00
BufferedReader & FileReader read() Performance - Large Text File -0.66
Java lambda expressions and memory allocation +1.47
The right way to do equals and hashcode of objects held by AtomicRe... -1.54
How to check if a partition exists in Hive? 0.00