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Scott Mermelstein

1507.98 (88,456th)
12,938 (11,204th)
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Title Δ
Why .rstrip() sometimes works but sometimes not? +0.52
How to find if a number in a list is in a interval of two numbers i... +1.03
How to update key-value in dictionary everytime the user clicks the... 0.00
Is there a way to extract function parameters from a dictionary? -0.49
Should I store a calculation in a variable if it will be used a lot? -1.25
Code runs slower with than without 0.00
'else if' cant use variable from TryParse +1.92
Call multiple python scripts sequentially from a bash script using... +0.47
How to define a boolean parameter in Python -0.59
How to calculate the distance from a point to the nearest point of... +1.29
Get phrases with 3 words +0.45
How can I normalize trending data? 0.00
Python - Application and Upper Left Corner Icons 0.00
How to tell a class method which variable should be processed -0.52
Can't force virtualenv to use Python 3.5 0.00
Can two methods point to the same code? +1.47
Python methods to reduce running times KTNS algorithm 0.00
Automate selection of files with Python 0.00
Multiprocessing in python with ZeroMQ 0.00
Analysing a date and printing the next dates monthly +0.23
__init__() got an unexpected keyword argument 'text' when t... 0.00
Detection of cow in barn using machine learning 0.00
RAM is not freed after a Python function is invoked 0.00
Python for loops: applying a value to one index and another one to... -2.10
Python string matching, error: nothing to repeat at position 0 +1.03
Exactly how does a linked list behave when passed into a function? +0.49
python way to find unique version of software -0.51
Order of binding of variables in Python -1.03
Python import module load_source 0.00
Permute elements of array according to another one, without making... +1.26
How can I extract the places values of a number? +2.15
Sort values from two different arrays +1.37
Why is it required to typecast a map into a list to assign it to a... 0.00
python subtracting multiple decimal places -0.21
how to use the display command of pdb python module? 0.00
Calculating distances 0.00
Unable to import python file from different directory 0.00
weird result from regex in python 0.00
How to clear an element of canvas that is moving (leaves a streak)... 0.00
Flip boolean values list of lists in python -0.81
How to control width of graph line in matplotlib? 0.00
Creating a shapefile of straight segments with pyshp? +0.50
Python: Save the last word of the second to last line as a variable... 0.00
Only ask for filename if one has not been input +0.49
How can I specify itertools permutations that only certain first co... 0.00
How to import file from other directory that call subdirectory by u... 0.00
Algorithm for detecting clusters in peaks in time series signal data 0.00
Remove a list while iterating in python without copying to new list -0.52
How do you execute the second function in a script if it needs the... -0.74
Python Multiprocessing Modules +2.22