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Rating Stats for

Caius Jard

1588.35 (2,418th)
12,360 (11,883rd)
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Title Δ
Allowed Origins not affective for postman api calls 0.00
File.Exists(Path) always return false when get 'string (Path)&#... +0.38
How to write a query in order to achieve the orderby descending cla... +0.35
milliseconds are missing in dataset after getting from database c# 0.00
Strange behavior of toolstrip button 0.00
How to find TOP (1) and GROUP BY at the same time -0.74
Get consecutive months and days difference from date range? 0.00
How to sum the current column value in row with the previous value? -2.03
How does this "Sort((x, y) => x.CompareTo(y))" work? -2.94
Collection List empties itself -0.14
Select a predefined string if a column contains a certain value +0.35
How to update DataGridView cell in c# -2.36
Subtract a list of strings from another list of strings C# and keep... +2.35
Able to access Database without opening connection, using Dapper 0.00
Change WinForms using Threads in C# -0.42
MySQL: Wrong result of query using left join 0.00
C# Split Input after word not after space -0.63
BackgroundWorker froze UI after finishing task 0.00
Data source is an invalid type in 0.00
Retrieving based on specific condition +0.36
Search another table if the first query returns 0 +1.75
Calculating sales on daily basis comparing the previous sales 0.00
C#: How to show a newline within a MessageBox -1.09
Change C# Datagridview row selection base on textbox input value 0.00
Csv Helper no more setters in v22? 0.00
"Musical Chairs" between 3 integers -1.11
Filter of two lists for the same elements via LINQ query in C# -0.65
How to update an object with non-NULL properties? -1.42
How do i get the row Count from my Database after i've scaffold... 0.00
Send message to active tcp client from different function in c# 0.00
SQL Cross Join practical use 0.00
error 26- error locating server/instance specified 0.00
How to merge two Datatables with different columns and row count 0.00
Delete a row from Datagridview c# 0.00
Error: CS1009: Unrecognized escape sequence 0.00
How to bind combox with 2 different tables in c# windows form 0.00
How to compress image size, while saving to folder ? [ c# ] +0.38
VB.NET MYSQL Displaying Data using MySQL Error 0.00
How to compare 2 different classes implementing same interface for... -1.49
show different columns from different table with inner join +1.56
vb .net iterate dynamic json +2.00
vb .net iterate dynamic json -2.00
How to get dynamic textbox value c#? +0.84
Detect 2 duplicate values in a row from SQL db and update otherwise... +0.34
How to Split Textbox Text to Listbox C# 0.00
Filter on specific columns and return all columns 0.00
.Contains() in .Where() EF Core doesn't work .NET Core 3.1.8 +0.37
How to format WriteLine from List -0.12
Ho to properly use C# form.Location property 0.00
how to extract time from datetime sql 0.00