An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Joshua Partogi

1474.19 (4,512,828th)
11,505 (12,900th)
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Title Δ
Spring MVC vs ASP.NET (MVC?) +0.53
What programming language is used for iPhone apps? -0.73
Tables inside tables in MySQL? -0.97
Ruby object to Java object -1.16
How to start app in Rails3? -0.35
Open source Struts2/Spring/Hibernate projects that have high code q... -0.47
ruby on rails string concationation like the php (.=) -0.97
installing mysql as a gem -0.43
Please let me know whether my java code is right or not? +1.31
Passenger do not find mail gem +0.04
Documentation about Secondary Indexes on Cassandra? 0.00
Are there any CURRENT Ruby-based OM frameworks compatible with Cass... +2.24
Ruby / Rails gems and plugins that need some rails3 love? +0.03
Rails 3 Rendering JS not doing anything +0.04
How to implement a permissions system like highrise or facebook +0.25
What to reference in the shebang python26 or python2.6 -1.09
RoR: Javascript call + page update in controller 0.00
Is there a Django template filter that turns a datetime into "... -1.27
adding hobby to a user +0.46
Rails: include related object in JSON output -1.60
Python-like decorators in Java? +0.50
notices and errors on rails3 -1.86
Jboss server startup exception +0.17
Rails 3: Feed is taking too long 0.00
transfer the data between mutiple rails application +0.05
Which Java web framework to choose for jQuery? +0.09
Is restful_authentication ever going to work for rails 3? 0.00
Declarative Authenication, Unable to register user 0.00
Why is my deployed rails app writing to a production.log file? 0.00
What is the proper way to define an array of values for the IN oper... 0.00
Learn Ruby Without Poignancy +0.68
Rails - authorization based on subscription 0.00
Storing relationship data in mongodb 0.00
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsupportedClassVers... 0.00
Rails: what is the best way to check if the record doesn't exist in... -0.47
Recommend a good web-based querying system for MySql? 0.00
migration error in cassandra 0.00
How would you architect a blog using a document store (such as Couc... +1.32
Real-world Complex Rails applications? -0.46
Rails 3 Passenger Lag -0.50
Is there a Django App/Plugin that will do notifications for me? +0.54
How to specify setup and teardown in Selenium On Rails? 0.00
What library does Capybara use as CSS selector? 0.00
java.lang.NullPointerException while creating DiskFileItem +0.54
Using Ruby on Rails, what is the quickest method to create user reg... +0.51
In Rails, is restful_authentication a gem comparable to AuthLogic a... 0.00
ActiveRecord and Mogoid::Document : associations -0.43
check if Tag exists before adding it to array 0.00
Ruby 1.8.7 - Ruby 1.9.2 and Rails 3.0.0 'Encoding' Model Name Confl... 0.00
rails gsub question -0.06