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Charles Duffy

1701.44 (135th)
192,320 (257th)
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Title Δ
I want to write a unix code to extract all the column names between... 0.00
jq: use variable to identify an inner object key to append to 0.00
How can I create an array whose name includes a variable? 0.00
xargs with multiple commands only working on some files +1.00
Adding a trailing comma after the last item of tuple +0.22
Why the first letter of stat.filemode is `?`? -0.31
How can I determine which version of Java a systemd service uses? 0.00
What is use of sh ''' <command > '''... +0.23
How to escape special characters when echoing variable in Bash scri... 0.00
pushd into folder named + (plus) -1.51
Python %s substitution works until I concatenate strings - what am... 0.00
Json parsing in shell script 0.00
Script exits with error when var=$(... | grep "value") is... +0.24
bash loop through two Directories 0.00
Sha 256 function from hashlib returns NoneType 0.00
Python: NameError when trying to use "re" inside a function 0.00
Bash redirect stdout and stderr to seperate files with timestamps 0.00
Cannot execute script conditionally 0.00
How to extract a json value substring with jq 0.00
Setting OS X environment variables including spaces from a key/valu... +1.49
Bash doesn't display the result of nested if-else statements 0.00
Parse JSON with single, double quotes and unicode with python 2.7 0.00
Passing pairs of arguments to a program in a loop 0.00
Telnet smtp command bash 2.05 script problem +0.24
Detect if a script has been sourced in "/bin/sh" +0.25
Why is interactive command breaking when using zsh widget to execut... 0.00
Shell script affects only on file instead of all of them 0.00
Why does tar fail to create an archive when called via Python's... +0.24
Name for ${...} constructs (for strings and arrays) in bash? 0.00
Ambiguous redirect when running configure with hush 0.00
awk variables print as options in bash +1.24
What does the bash read -d '' do? -0.84
Using update-in without a get-in to retrieve the value to modify -1.67
Converting a shell command with $(...) for Python subprocess.Popen() -0.76
syntax error: operand expected (error token is "<") 0.00
How do I access a variable in awk if the variable name is in a stri... 0.00
Exit command can't exit bash shell after showing a service info? 0.00
How to convert a subset of YAML into an indexed array of associativ... 0.00
How can I wrap an existing JSON file's contents as part of an o... 0.00
ffmpeg: Incompatible pixel format 'yuv420p' for codec '... 0.00
Why python timeit result is in contradiction with shell's time... +0.24
using (time f) always gives higher value the first time 0.00
Can I import a local module with the same name as a standard-librar... -0.27
How can I use an "if" to generate part of a shell pipeline? +1.58
Can I use a variable name to indirectly select an array to write to? 0.00
Outer product from multiple `seq`s in bash +0.66
bash + cmd : Pass one command output into second command -0.77
Bash scripting with heredocs or better approach 0.00
Popen with PIPE stdout doesn't exit untill Enter is pressed 0.00
Kill last program in pipe if any previous command fails 0.00