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Charles Duffy

1703.27 (133rd)
192,320 (251st)
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Title Δ
passing json array with spaces to bash script for az cli tagging 0.00
How to run os command `echo` with `-n` parameter in Python 0.00
Using a bash function from a script 0.00
/bin/sh: 1: Syntax error: Unterminated quoted string 0.00
Failed to execute python executable with arguments which contains #... 0.00
Why expect is able to interact with `getpass` call? 0.00
How to make if conditions from array in bash 0.00
Bash run a group of two children in the background and kill them la... 0.00
Makefile executes $(shell command) unordered 0.00
Unknown option to `s' error sed while appending one text file c... 0.00
How to execute more than one shell command using python subprocess... 0.00
Create alias for 'cd' into folder containing whitespace +0.23
"int() argument must be a string" from int(p.returncode)... 0.00
How to prevent a "fatal" error output while aliasing a gi... +0.24
sleep inside inotifywait in a shell function not working 0.00
How to escape $$ sign when writing bash? 0.00
ANSIBLE - shell task returns non-zero return code but otherwise wor... 0.00
Python RPM package generation fails with 'rpm: -ba: unknown opt... 0.00
How to escape backticks in bash 0.00
Duplicating an ssh private key file 0.00
How to remove files expect first and last file by modification date... -0.76
How can I write a function to handle any command matching a regular... 0.00
Python subprocess module: How to reopen PIPE? +0.23
Why can calling communicate() on a pipeline component other than th... 0.00
How to access last item in bash array on Mac OS? 0.00
Can't run (sh "python") from Clojure r... +0.61
Bash wrapper that abbreviates strings 0.00
shell stdout PYTHON processing much slower than PYTHON txt file pro... 0.00
Run python command with different variables? 0.00
Why does HackerRank say code using short-circuiting boolean logic h... 0.00
using awk insdie xargs construct 0.00
"Address already in use" when compiling ClojureScript 0.00
What is the use of {} in sed? 0.00
Convert "\u0000" in False and "\u0001" in True... 0.00
Convert output shell to JSON 0.00
BASH How to use each line of a file as a variable input within for... +1.84
git mv a bash script to rename a folder of a specific branch inside... 0.00
The difference between "-D" and "&" in bash... -2.83
How to prevent second script to run after first succeeded in BASH 0.00
Shell commands generated by jq do not run correctly 0.00
how can I read an argument within gsub 0.00
Executing /usr/bin/env bash -c "command" in Java -0.56
Error from wc -w $(find ...) only on some directories 0.00
Use a variable as replacement in bash sed command +0.05
Why does my revectored sys.stdout.write() method get called after I... 0.00
Extra "-" at the end of the line -2.48
how do i erase a printed text in a fancy way? 0.00
How to put environment variable in Array? -0.18
Not able to search and replace file using perl command in my shell... 0.00
How can I redirect os.system() output in Python? 0.00