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Charles Duffy

1702.12 (133rd)
192,320 (251st)
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Title Δ
Wait between starting background processes in bash 0.00
How to Make a "for loop" Recursive 0.00
Passing variable values from one script after executing the first s... 0.00
BASH: Is it safe to have multiple bash background processes write t... 0.00
Zsh script will not set environment variables 0.00
Generating a JSON map containing shell variables named in a list 0.00
How can i change the order of strings on a line based on a pattern? 0.00
Python subprocess module fails when calling awk 0.00
Map filenames from folder in json string using bash shell 0.00
Replace string containing slash using SED command 0.00
Remove last blank lines from a failed file using file.write (line) 0.00
bash variable interpolation with an integer 0.00
How to pass environment variables from a string to a bash command 0.00
String formatting not working inside for-if-do command for batch pr... 0.00
Evaluating a remote (paramiko) ssh command's output into a succ... 0.00
Curl request in bash with authorization how to escape '' 0.00
Find second-latest file when names can contain spaces 0.00
What is the shortest expression to match all file/dir names (includ... 0.00
how to emulate "${@:2}" in /bin/dash 0.00
Specifying bindings syntax with :as 0.00
How to GREP a substring of a filename for renaming files? 0.00
Getting exit code 141 when reading from stdin with a Python script... 0.00
Temporarily setting an environment variable in tcsh 0.00
Making a function in an "if" only take action when a cond... 0.00
Why does piping a string with literal quotes to xargs make them dis... 0.00
Conditional GOTO in bash, skipping from one function to a later-cal... 0.00
bash script execute command with double quotes, single quotes and s... 0.00
Why isn't a semicolon in command substitution output treated id... 0.00
How to replace back-slash with nothing in Bash script 0.00
How do I use round brackets in an 'if' condition 0.00
Do simple commands in bash run in subshells, since a single command... 0.00
How to determine the number of columns in a UNIX shell 0.00
Print output of command if output is not null else echo no output 0.00
How can I separate keywords from a file line by line in shell script? 0.00
Count lines containing *both* of two strings, from a larger/multili... 0.00
How to construct associative Bash array from JSON hash? 0.00
Operator not found or unexpected 0.00
Is it possible to include a nohup command inside a bash script? 0.00
bash script building a find command that contains "\n" 0.00
Copy multiple files with wildcard in bash 0.00
How to pass a combined command as a parameter to a function 0.00
Is there a concise way to define two or more bash aliases for the s... 0.00
Is it possible to output multiple values to different files from a... 0.00
Unable to call bash script using os.system() on Windows 0.00
Bash conditional mixing function return value and conditional check 0.00
"Illegal option -n" and "[[: not found" with an... 0.00
zip command globbing folder while zipping with sudo 0.00
How to create an bash alias for the command "cd ~1" +1.19
Unexpected token error observed while using jq library in shell 0.00
Why does the command and its arguments have to be in a list for sub... +0.23