An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Mikael S

1515.50 (42,197th)
4,676 (35,437th)
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Title Δ
MySQL - how do I unhex a field rather than a string? +3.87
Where are the functions defined for CFS in Linux 0.00
Load PHP value with jquery into textbox inside of jquery statement 0.00
perl script to populate an xml file +4.40
if/else format within while loop -1.70
phpmyadmin alternative (ajax, excel-like) +1.38
How do I send a password to a command I start with Perl's +3.97
How to break out of double while loop in python? +1.60
PHP remove values from a single array? 0.00
Ruby or regex to strip excess line breaks -1.41
php string-manipulation (clear the "_" and the timestamp) -3.75
How do I put these: @{$subset}, [@ext_subset], [$last_item] in PHP? +0.35
Can Perl DBI connect to Redbrick? -3.40
Ocaml exception handling for opening input channel 0.00
How to delete and replace last line in the terminal using bash? +0.01
In Perl, how can I import a hash from a library? +4.42
Language/libraries for downloading & parsing web pages? -1.18
How can I protect against SQL injection attacks using Perl's DBI? -1.05
Perl Regular Expressions to match a MD5 Hash? +1.98
How can I troubleshoot my Perl CGI script? +0.34
Playing audio in a browser -1.56
Is there a way to 'uniq' by column? -3.44
PHP dynamically populating an array -1.36
Converting from Mercurial to Subversion -3.57
Getting user information using either user.login or -2.09
Complete online reference for the C standard library? -2.18
Getting the last argument passed to a shell script -2.99
How do I find a specific entry inside a zipped directory using the... 0.00
Is there an enhanced interpreter toploop for OCaml? +3.41
how to make a div to wrap two float divs inside? +3.88
Normalizing line endings in Ruby +0.04
How to concatenate parameter in query -0.13
GCC options to enforce Ansi C standard check? -2.20
Bash Scripting " [!: not found " errors, and how to write... +3.87
check if url is valid ruby +3.89
Is there something like for i in range(length) in PHP? +2.30
Rails in-process background services 0.00
Problem with regular expression! -2.16
send email from localhost +3.75
Adding even values to new list Python +2.11
Best practices to keep up a diverging branch of code +0.13
Finding last entry in a foreach() process +3.94