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πάντα ῥεῖ

1609.69 (1,391st)
75,485 (1,111th)
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Title Δ
Linux API and C++ STD vector 0.00
Capture a functions standard output and write it to a file 0.00
How to iterate two vectors in one for loop? 0.00
Reading in one word from a file 0.00
In C++, what is the best way to dynamically allocate a single class? 0.00
access the entire column of a 2D matrix implemented using std::vector 0.00
C++ inline or not inline declarations of template class specializat... 0.00
Replacing all vowel letters with letter "v" 0.00
C++ why are typedef structs unique compared to typedef primitives 0.00
Is there a quick way to know a class member's accessibility of... 0.00
How to build a comma delimited list from strings w/o the extra deli... 0.00
problem with comparing two string/chars in c++ 0.00
how default assignment operator works with string pointer 0.00
Calling multiple commands via system() under windows doesn't work 0.00
Using a config file to allocate array at compile time in c++ 0.00
Passing an Array of Objects into a Function 0.00
Multiple double colon (::) in call stack of VS 2010 C++ 0.00
Iterating through map keys in C++ 17 +0.01
Github get Neccessary Libraries with cloning -0.40
Calling multiple virtual functions in a derived class +0.34
Create a list of pointers to random generated int +1.16
uint8_t not printing the right value when casted to unsigned int +1.28
Why is it mandatory to use namespace std in new IDEs whereas the pr... +1.23
Are empty methods in an abstract class/interface considered a good... +1.45
Is a comparison on monotonic count integer safe? 0.00
Should I include <tuple>? +0.45
Prevent certain std functions from being called -0.01
Why would a method have const and non const arguments for the same... -1.37
Automatic Creation of Objects in C++ 0.00
Is *this = Ctor(); legal and efficient for clearing an object's... 0.00
How to correctly copy the buffer of memory? +0.35
Why does JsonCpp http client fail on a 201 response code? -1.91
How to build a Raw string for regex from string variable 0.00
Read input from a file, capitalize first letter, make every other l... -2.66
Allocating memory in stack via "Value Template Argument"... 0.00
Why do some shared libraries end with rather than .so? +0.36
How to initialize an Int from a map Value, C++ 0.00
How to overload std::ofstream::put()? -2.75
How to pass user input into char[] +0.89
c++: Multiple assignment inside if block syntax for short circuiting -1.55
dlopen() is returning 0 0.00
how would i be able to use this in system command in c++ system(&qu... 0.00
How to clear screen use Eclipse IDE 0.00
Would like to run PowerShell code from inside a C++ program -0.12
How to make private functions in an API? 0.00
Must the entire class hierarchy be recompiled if a virtual or non-v... -1.47
How to generate 4 different random numbers in C++ +0.37
how to add compile-time metadata/behavior to specific function 0.00
How do I use bitwise shifts with cout? -0.06
Using different compilers - what does that do? +0.34