An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1474.97 (4,384,824th)
521 (260,686th)
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Title Δ
MySQL 'JOIN' fetches data from only one table when used alo... 0.00
TYPO3 can't access to root folder +0.25
ErrorException in BelongsToMany.php (Illegal offset type) 0.00
solr like search using text_en 0.00
How can I make bootstrap multiselect optgroups collapse by default? +0.26
Initialize array with variables: Unexpected token + -0.42
Can I get a gif out of a custom MKAnnotationView? 0.00
Difference between updation with NULL and ''? -4.20
How to select from multiple tables with no matching columns +4.32
insert query on few columns gives error +0.25
NOT LIKE clause not working in SQL -2.77
MySQL query with multiple tables for autocomplete 0.00
Every time on scanning bluetooth devices gives CBCentralManagerStat... -1.79
Multiple Tables or Multiple Databases? -3.94
How to compare each row from table with all rows? 0.00
SQL Search Syntax Error -2.06
Can iOS do central and peripheral work on same app at same time? -3.92
Iphone detecting bluetooth devices 0.00
Continuous scanning for iOS CoreBluetooth Central Manager? 0.00
iOS Core Bluetooth no disconnect notification 0.00
Error while running mongod 0.00
MySQL Subquery, Help Needed Constructing Select Statement +1.03
SQL select from 2 tables where key isn't in some rows in 1 table -1.11
Selecting all but latest 3 entries in DB +3.67
Mysql select and insert using prepared statement -2.21
PHP/MySQL using ORDER BY with a LIMIT -2.08
Distinct Select in SQL and Order by -1.36
Insert special sign between characters -2.62
Get the single column records from the same table -2.39
How to pass device UUID in CoreBluetooth framework for Client to re... 0.00
No navigation after using Ajax -3.94