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Stephan van den Heuvel

1514.26 (46,342nd)
1,895 (87,576th)
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Title Δ
GBA C++: How to draw multiple animating pixels using arrays? 0.00
my code stopped reading in my .txt file -4.01
How to pass a uniform to shader 0.00
C++ Cannot use push_back on list containing custom structs 0.00
OpenCL Crashes with big input array 0.00
What's wrong with this? Setters/Getters (edited ) header files incl... -4.32
determine point within shape c++ +3.77
How to retrieve a returned string by C function in Lua script? 0.00
How to set up a OpenGL 4.1 rendering context in OS X Mavericks in c... 0.00
Why is LWJGL is flickering between previous and current gameState o... 0.00
Simple custom allocator for block memory? 0.00
glDrawElementBaseVertex() vs glDrawElement() 0.00
Create an array using a pointer -2.86
PyOpenGL access violation on Intel HD Graphics 3000 -0.25
creating a cube in 3d -4.28
How to reduce the loading time for a *.3ds file in opengl? 0.00
gDebugger not working 0.00
iOS OpenGL ES - Different texture behaviour on simulator and device 0.00
OpenGL Multiple Lights 0.00
OpenGL FPS Camera using gluLookAt() 0.00
Normal model matrix calculation for normal mapping in GLSL 0.00
Opengl Texture Transparency .BMP -2.66
Segfault with glPrimitiveRestartIndex 0.00
OpenGL 2D texture rendering too large, glViewport broken -4.63
Why does my translation matrix needs to be transposed? +3.21
capture listview screen +3.30
Assimp library usage documents 0.00
OpenGL matrix not rotating properly +4.16
What extractly mat3(a mat4 matrix) statement in glsl do? +4.16
OpenGL Face culling not working properly +4.12
Slow collision detection using bounding box +3.95
Why does OpenGL use float rather than double? +1.49
Linking GLEW and others, _glViewport is the only unresolved 0.00
First char of String, use as a condition... (Java, Android) -1.04
OpenGL drawing a Hexigon with vertices 0.00
How to change background color repeatedly on Android? +3.85
2D Drawing in Android +1.92
Implementing Buffer for Byte Arrays in Java -0.11
How to rotate my object with the light in opengl 0.00
Pixel Collision Tracing 0.00
C -- Print To Screen Without #include <stdio.h>? +0.09
Convert a string with mathematical expressions into a float +1.70
Android Opengl GLU.gluLookAt doesn't work 0.00
Building workspace is taking a lifetime -0.23
java generics problem when converting from array to vector -2.44
Memory Leaks in Class method objective -c -4.10
How to implement line of sight restriction in actionscript? +3.73
Java JUnit Testing +1.80
Android App Icon 0.00
Objects in arrays, can it be done? +3.91