An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1488.57 (4,436,336th)
332 (379,865th)
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Title Δ
Is it possible to filter consecutive numbers from an array in javas... -1.83
Button to change background color randomly -0.91
How to access Node.JS project locally? +0.15
How do I ensure my pop up is in the middle of the screen? No matter... 0.00
How to remove highlighted multiple html contenteditable elements? -3.84
CSS button hover effect on a a button not working -3.96
Using js instead of jquery to focus on input field when click on a... +4.01
Why isn't div circle not appearing with DOM style manipulation? -3.52
Calculating the average of several function invocations using closu... -3.94
Limit amount of uploaded Images -4.12
How to round of value nearest to the integer in javascript +3.96
How to round of value nearest to the integer in javascript +0.63
decrease font size of different styles on active -0.01
What is the purpose of faded text in VS code? 0.00
Embedded Google Sheet Deletes Elements After It 0.00
Finding unique objects inside parent array of objects -3.46
Finding unique objects inside parent array of objects +1.87
Line break within flex +4.65
Can not read property of array inside forEach push function 0.00
Unwanted space horizontal and vertical scroll space in HTML Page 0.00
javascript and this.value of radio button -4.09
How to do a simple calculator +0.97
Checking similar key pair and then sum it dynamically using reduce 0.00
Creating javascript/jquery object dynamically? -1.37
I want to make the second function await the first one to complete... -0.04
how can ı adding image to site with javascript? -1.52
How to change the value of a text input after clicking on a button? -3.64
how can i fetch a json file that has multiple objects 0.00
JavaScript - Simple If inside For +3.51
How to make image responsive in CSS so that it can fit equally alig... -0.99
animais.indexOf is not a function +3.98
How to verticaly center an html that was set as A4 -0.05
How to avoid require(..\..\src\test) using NODE_PATH in nodejs +0.02
JavaScript querySelector not working when .value is added to it +4.45
Why can't I resize image in line with text in CSS? -2.34