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Dzmitry Prakapenka

1497.27 (3,867,445th)
557 (247,280th)
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Title Δ
Changing entities' field to different type of field 0.00
Different threads get same entity and don't see changes each ot... +0.25
Best practice to convert list object to list objectDto java -3.18
Is there a way to dynamically trigger SSL/TLS renegotiation in a se... 0.00
Behaviour of ForkJoinPool in CompletableFuture.supplyAsync() +4.26
Difference between pentaho application server clustering and carte... 0.00
Unable to convert mondrian 4 schema file to mondrain 3.x schema file 0.00
Hibernate Annoation only bundle -3.83
Pentaho Reporting Ouput component using PDI is giving an error 0.00
spring boot Hazelcast configuration for integration tests 0.00
Where are the PKI artifacts(pub/priv key and certs) stored for an o... 0.00
PDI aka Kettle : is better "add constant" or "litera... -3.99
org.apache.curator.ConnectionState Connection timed out for connect... 0.00
[Amazon][JDBC](10220) Driver not capable +4.00
Unable to compare dates in Pentaho Kettle 0.00
Pentaho localhost error 0.00
Why is Pentaho Report Designer adding parameter named "ce"... 0.00
How to disable row limit permanently in pentaho dev console? 0.00
I have error in a transformation saying Couldn't get row from r... 0.00
Is this possible we can generate Pentaho report without using Penta... 0.00
Slave servers KETTLE pentaho 0.00
What are the best free sources to learn pentaho either book or onli... 0.00
Pentaho 6 Spoon Error 0.00
Error building Saiku 2.4 bi-platform-plugin 0.00
Receive Prompts from a report using REST services for Pentaho 0.00
Pentaho, Interactive Report- Disable Get Started Dialog & Tips 0.00
Pentaho Initialization Exception Error _0014 on starting Pentaho 6.1 0.00
Retrieve Example data present in Jackrabbit Database in BI Platform... 0.00
Can't access to remote pentaho bi-server 0.00
error while running pan.bat in command line +3.83
Running pan.bat from command line 0.00
Generate a report using pentaho java api for hdfs file passing hdfs... 0.00
Pentaho Report Design conditions 0.00
Error opening transformations in Pentaho DI in Mac -4.05
Spoon is not supported on this hosttype : MINGW64_NT-6.1 0.00
Not able to Connect to DI repository server from Spoon 0.00
Restart-ability in pentaho community edition 0.00
Pentaho (5.0.5) Configuring for Mysql -0.02
Pentaho SolutionEngine.ERROR_0007 on Red Hat 0.00