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1422.31 (4,408,789th)
8,647 (18,039th)
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Title Δ
compile error using malloc outside of main function 0.00
Racket/Scheme - Replacing an item with another element in a non fla... 0.00
Spliting a list at a certain location using Racket/Scheme 0.00
Racket/Scheme - checking to see if a list is a sublist of another l... 0.00
In Lisp/Racket/Scheme how is it possible to have an argument named... 0.00
how to get the product of a tree in scheme 0.00
Scheme: Iterative process to reconstruct a list in original order? 0.00
declaration of const pointer vs declaration of const integer 0.00
Malloc calloc fails to allocate structure 0.00
Cannot Figure out Why "sizeof(msg) = 0" 0.00
Is there normal "set" function (not special form) in Sche... 0.00
The purpose of union with only one member inside the struct 0.00
Would a C compiler be allowed to replace an algorithm with another? 0.00
Is there a quick way to get the last element that was put in an arr... 0.00
Why does this result in an infinite loop [SICP]? 0.00
constant value for case label for switch statement in c and c++ but... -0.84
Insertion into AVL tree only replaces root node +3.03
Allowing struct field to overflow to the next field -1.13
Why in ELF binaries the bytes are inverted in groups of two 0.00
Can someone translate the following LISP program statement in plain... +2.31
Is there way to verify my program has no memory leaks? +0.76
Problem with the first character of the binary file while reading i... -2.56
Strange mit-scheme interpreter behaviour -0.61
What are the exact differences betwenn int **a and int a[][] as fun... +1.56
Is a header file a translation unit? -0.78
CS50 Credit Assignment - Floating Point Exception +0.11
The equivalent python exec/eval commands in C +2.45
Scheme: Compiling with continuations -1.42
invalid type argument of '->' editing fields of a struct... +0.70
i cant find the problem in palindrome recursion c +0.09
How should i free an array of struct? 0.00
Why can an int return type function return a string? +0.33
SICP Ex. 1.17 - "fast-multiply" slower than "multipl... -0.24
Scheme Hexadecimal to decimal +0.12
How to make recursion using only lambdas in Racket? -1.31
Omitting parentheses in cond leads to strange result 0.00
Whats the difference between interpretation and evaluation in racke... +2.83
Non-decreasing list of lists in Scheme? +2.77
i want to find factorial of 'n' number of numbers in c++ 0.00
Concatenating string and int in printf - C +1.15
How do I traverse a tree in Scheme? 0.00
make-counter which retain the state of variable next +0.68
Can I use a pointer as the parameter of gets in C? +0.42
How to add in a list in racket -1.02
C check if array stack its empty or not problem -1.35
What are valid identifiers in R7RS-small? 0.00
How to Write a Reverse Function in Scheme? +1.84
Looking for cleaner way to make association list out of list of num... -0.16
Can`t comprehend the bitwise operations -0.35
Why do we need to declare enum variables? (C) -0.38