An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1458.92 (4,402,423rd)
2,445 (68,714th)
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Title Δ
Ignore files committed to git and also remove them from history -0.88
Mocking final static void method using powermock and return some va... 0.00
What is the point of repositories when working with maven in offlin... 0.00
Listing objects in Java 0.00
This can be caused by compile errors in Eclipse 0.00
Understanding REST APIs - What are Context and @Context? -2.62
Graph traversal ensuring the parents are visited first -1.39
In SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) does individual services run... +0.41
Using the long variable type in for loops -2.13
Parallel factorial calculation of ALL elements up until a given num... -3.18
use soap services to get information 0.00
Calculate average number of probes with Separate chaining -3.98
Java - ThreadLocal or Concurrent Object Pool? -2.73
Why this code always produce output as '?' 0.00
How to add Business hours to Date considering not adding weekends ?... -3.92
I'm having trouble with doGet and doPost methods +4.24
Find vertex at distance d +1.11
Some classes need initialization and some don't +3.13
Ignore spring dependency injection : XML -1.84
Algorithmic, how to add a condition to 'and' statements? -2.90
Kerberos error: GSSHeader did not find the right tag +3.78
Difference between Threads created by web container and Normal Thre... +4.33
Find line starts with notice and delete it in the text document +1.05
Java OOP polymorphism design/issue +0.14
does spring has a class for implementing 'temporary storage'? +4.46
checkbox index value in java -0.95
HTTP requests held up during Tomcat shutdown -1.59
syntax for java class writing -0.35
Java Util Timer Start +0.24
Eclipse Formatter: Line wrapping for method names not working? +0.46
Java - compilation error: cannot access Function +0.42
SOAP to REST conversion : Fresh or reuse? +4.31
Calling application context from init-method +1.06
how to handle name not found exception in application-context.xml? 0.00
Filter code Test with real time java app 0.00
How to avoid type casting while passing generic Collection to legac... -0.62
move eclipse to another computer while keeping its configurations -3.22
Spring REST service is returning json as expected, but I get asked... -3.50
Java timer 100 times per second +2.08
Saving Eclipse configuration online +0.22
Java properties: best practices? 0.00
How to read Query Parameters key and value -2.72
HTTP URL redirect status code +0.38
How to create a REST service with spring-boot? -2.00
set MaxThreadPoolSize by InitialContext for ActiveMQ 0.00
Reading text from a file for ATM program 0.00
When is length used as a method and when as property in Java? -0.86
spring caching at server startup -3.66
In Java, Why String is non-primitive data type? +2.83
How do you populate ArrayLists with actual objects and use their at... +0.32