An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1505.20 (136,878th)
4,136 (40,485th)
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Title Δ
Three-way comparison operator with inconsistent ordering deduction -1.06
How to build boost with correct paths 0.00
Measure actual runtime of a procedure using Qt 0.00
Qt vs constexpr string literal +3.06
C++ Module architecture, Module circular dependency 0.00
Primitivity of CRC polynomials -0.36
qDebug prints a wrong number -0.52
How to use code to add items dynamically to UI and position them co... 0.00
QProcess:startDetached open application but does not find argument -1.07
c++ macro containing Q_OBJECT -0.55
Exclude part of function template during compile time +0.14
Qt emit signal from a class to class 0.00
HTML elements that are not block and not inline 0.00
Generate HTML using Qt 0.00
Sending mail with line breaks using QDesktopServices::openUrl 0.00
QFileDialog Slow Network -2.00
How can I prevent my QMainWindow from going past he desktop screen... 0.00
Avoid flickering when hiding and showing widget 0.00
qt5: connect overload signal and slot function with static_cast 0.00
Create global QHash variable using qt c++ -0.01
How to make QCheckBox readonly, but not grayed-out -0.51
Logging queued connections +0.49
How to increase the writing speed of mysql database from qt 0.00
Is it possible to avoid the copy constructor when passing newly cre... +0.24
C++: Why does inputting a "char" for an "int" v... -0.19
Printing all Blanks (literally no tokens are printed) 0.00
Error c2664 in VS 2013 C++ +0.49
Handeling invalid input in constructors 0.00
C++ finding sum of numbers till the end of user input +0.85
Why don't these threads run in order? -0.20
Multiple modal window in Qt 0.00
Upcasting and polymorphism in C++ -1.53
Increment count after rotation of a dial in Qt? 0.00
Will the connection be disconnected in Qt automatically? 0.00
Make a MySQL query fail by value based decision 0.00
Internal reallocation behaviour of QByteArray vs reserve() -0.01
Alternate argument lists of pure virtual won't inherit (needed... +0.91
Why access from child class to the field of other exemplar of super... +1.28
Segmentation Fault C++ pointers 0.00
Writing 4 bits to a binary file with ofstream +1.02
Add empty spacer Widget cause memory leak in Qt? +4.14
Custom placeholder in QLineEdit -1.96
Will QMessageBox block the running of the whole main thread in Qt? 0.00
How to handle mouse moving 0.00
Calling server stored procedure using binding 0.00
QListWidget::itemSelectionChanged() fired twice with keyboard 0.00
My slot is not invoked / called / used / working / executed 0.00
How can MFC get the text-box string form a Qt application? 0.00
QSqlDatabase Connecting to Multiple Databases 0.00
How to convert double* data to const char* or QByteArray efficiently -4.10