An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Tim Cooper

1745.72 (45th)
125,704 (506th)
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Title Δ
how to make img disappear on hover? +0.35
Paging after specific number +6.06
How to make "" from "domain... 0.00
How come <<<_END does not work +3.77
Where can I download a windows binary of Windres (part of Binutils)? 0.00
Escapeing values in PDO statements +0.34
MySQL exclude row -2.79
Include "\" in a C# string +1.05
Error handling in "simplexml_load_file" -0.61
Problem parsing xml in php 0.00
String numbers into number numbers in PHP -0.22
I am so confused with associative arrays in php (two and 3 dimensio... +1.43
PHP Twitter replace link and hashtag for real link +3.62
php preg_match, how to switch values -0.42
How to insert php include inside heredoc variable? +1.79
PHP array keys values -4.12
How to make this in php? +5.20
Add extra class for <li> +3.57
Parse PHP Array from serialized data 0.00
Insert a string into a string given an index -3.15
Replace last word in string -1.96
php if statement relating to the url address -0.41
PHP save image file +3.70
SimpleXml to string +3.77
Repeating a Region in an HTML Page -4.49
how do i define a constant in a string in PHP? -2.60
Best way to sort an array with the longest strings in the middle an... +4.00
PHP, MySQL, One page Website -4.58
Preventing terminal window from popping up when launching program 0.00
Batch string replace +1.25
PHP: for loop and birthday date +3.73
Turn a twitter hash tag into a link and links to clickable links 0.00
How to get the last n items in a PHP array as another array? +3.77
rsort sorting order -1.55
Extract text from HTML +1.02
Sorting array of dates stored in a string +3.70
JOptionPane with two labels +3.21
Is it possible to restrict how a method can be called in PHP? +2.00
PHP Simplify a ternary operation -0.42
Radio button how to? -0.14
Codesample with bufferoverflow (gets method). Why does it not behav... -2.88
How to build array of 'bad' values +1.69
How to combine two arrays of same length to one array with two fiel... +1.89
Sum of a row of an associative array using PHP? +3.63
Is it possible to resolve domain names to an IP address with PHP? -0.01
How to find the php.ini file used by the command line? -3.25
php regex unlimited pattern 0.00
Remove All After Delimiter PHP -1.44
fopen with/without @ before it +3.77
Is it okay to use array[key] in PHP? -2.17