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1474.99 (4,384,781st)
1,848 (89,682nd)
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Title Δ
NSCollectionView (osx 10.11) hangs when running 0.00
Advancing a progress bar during speech synthesis using Swift 2.0 (O... -4.21
How to manipulate UIImage pixel by pixel? +0.24
Weird delay in UIPopoverController dismissal 0.00
Apple Map issue with around 2000 annotations 0.00
Share image with text in iOS 0.00
Remove background from Image & take only Image part for save in... -3.53
How to execute a function before an NSOperation is cancelled in NSO... 0.00
Hamburger Menu at bottom of screen (Tab Bar) 0.00
Present UIViewController as UIModalPresentationFormSheet & UIMo... 0.00
How do I (successfully) set a maskView to a UIView? 0.00
Adding views in the negative way of a uiscrollview and changing con... +3.40
UIImagePickerController crashes app on iPad but not iPhone 0.00
Passing a managedObjectContext from the app delegate to a view cont... +1.75
App crashes after deleting reordered UITableViewCells +0.39
iOS 7 - Status bar color on a modal changes? +0.12
How can I update a UITableView from a dynamically downloaded text f... 0.00
iTunes Artwork for iPad Application to be submitted in store 0.00
Is Core Data what I'm looking for? +4.49
Display trip time in an ios app 0.00
How to develop a right aligned Vertical Tab in iOS? 0.00
Saving UIAlert TextField To Core Data +0.32
iOS7 Sprite Kit how to disable touches on a sprite to make it "... -3.74
What exactly are protocols and delegates and how are they used in I... 0.00
How to cancel UIViews block-based animation? 0.00
Problem when masking UIImage -3.80
open source calender for iphone sdk 0.00
Heroku FREE DB and Dyno "power" 0.00
NSThread shared object issue 0.00
Designing Ichat balloon interface 0.00
how to animate image on shake effect? -4.04
Is self a pointer? -2.84
Detecting which UIButton was pressed in a UITableView -3.16
Crop UIImage in oval shape 0.00
iphone : how to preload data at a certain time of application loadi... 0.00
A question regarding networking 0.00
use NSString in other method? -1.47
iphone store kit : how to catch cancel event -3.89
How to get a copy of the image from UIImagePicker -3.69
embed mail compose in an iPhone app 0.00
identifying event on Tableview controller and also Tabbar controller? 0.00
iphone application layout -0.32
How to create a product id for in app purchases -4.13
GMT time on iPhone +3.08
Anyone know why I can’t use kAudioFormatFlagIsFloat instead of kAud... 0.00
How to find good looking font color if background color is known? 0.00