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Rating Stats for

Ajay Verma

1505.17 (137,483rd)
370 (348,111th)
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Title Δ
Make a dictionary out of all dataframes with certain suffixes and p... +3.72
Drop rows based on condition pandas +4.67
How to generate all arrays whose elements are within two bounds spe... 0.00
Box plot a data from dictionaries key in python 0.00
Plotting time series with multicolor line in Python 0.00
How to rotate an array in Python? 0.00
How to search a 2D array and return the elements 0.00
Extract group from groupby +0.69
Compare two lists of strings and print non matches in Python? -4.09
Numpy find maximum tuple in array of windows -1.69
How to replace None in the List with previous value +3.04
In python, is there an efficient way of seperating an array with el... +2.18
How do you broadcast np.random.choice across each row of a numpy ar... -1.36
Finding instances of specifically ordered sequence in list -2.02
Error : UndefinedVariableError: name 'injured_persons' is n... 0.00
How to find all elements between two elements repeatedly in a list... +4.32
Matplotlib Line Plot not indicating Labels +4.11
How to add a list to a list of list +1.57
Is there are more efficient method for creating a dictionary of let... -2.59
Replacing two characters in a string with a specified set of charac... +0.12
Python user's numpy input +0.06
How do I convert axis from scientific notation to standard numbers? 0.00
How to plot different shades of a color for each point in a scatter... -3.18
python: percent format returning zeroes after the decimal place 0.00
how to plot group bars with missing values in Python +3.98
Code throwing error: can only concatenate str (not "NoneType&q... -4.23
Conditional function change in matplotlib's contour plot -1.07
Exclude the endpoints of an interval -3.81
In python Matplotlib.pyplot in hist() I want to select xlabel and y... +0.76