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Stephen Canon

1638.61 (726th)
90,138 (870th)
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Title Δ
Extending Array with generic floating point math type 0.00
Accelerate framework: calculating pairwise distances of vectors 0.00
Apple FFT giving inconsistent results 0.00
Double vs Float80 speed in Swift -1.63
For vDSP_fft_zropD the packed results seem to be wrong. Is this a b... 0.00
Setting FLT_EVAL_METHOD not working 0.00
Intel C Compiler uses unaligned SIMD moves with aligned memory 0.00
Fused multiply add and default rounding modes -1.02
Trouble using cblas_dgemm for matrix multiplication in Swift -1.48
When computing arithmetic means, what way of summing is more precise? 0.00
How many clock cycles does casting a bit vector take? 0.00
Does IEEE 754 guarantee exact representation for operations on whol... 0.00
Convert half precision float (bytes) to float in Swift 0.00
XCode 7 : How to assemble armv7, arm64, and x86 .S files separately? 0.00
IEEE-754 compliant round-half-to-even -0.01
Haswell FMA Instructions Generating Denormals 0.00
Linking with BLAS OS X -0.19
Float and double precision in C +1.28
Comparison with NaN using AVX -2.40
SSE/AVX floating point convert exceptions 0.00
Strict inequality for floating point multiplication -1.88
Fastest way to move higher or lower 64 bits in integer SSE register +0.77
C99 - guarantees about ordering of floating-point rounding modes 0.00
Is it really efficient to use Karatsuba algorithm in 64-bit x 64-bi... +0.79
Why is the value of 1**Inf equal to 1, not NaN? +0.72
instrA is faster than instrB on CPU but vice versa on GPU? 0.00
Change 'handedness' of a Row-major 4x4 transformation matrix 0.00
Are unsigned integer types always of different sizes? +0.63
Should exp2 be faster than exp? +1.44
modulo operation on negative numbers -2.68
Floating Point operators correctly rounded implementation 0.00
What ABI, if any, restricts the size of [u]intmax_t? +1.43
Maintain precision when averaging floats +0.99
What is theoretically the smallest floating point format possible? +0.90
NSLog matrix_float4x4 or simd::float4x4 0.00
Ramp function for Intel SSE 0.00
Matrix multiplication and inverse problems with accelerate framework +1.39
Does memory dependence speculation prevent BN_consttime_swap from b... +1.22
C++ vectorization of conditional code with intrinsics +0.31
Equivalence of comparison between floats or reinterpreted floats as... +1.76
Do FMA (fused multiply-add) instructions always produce the same re... 0.00
Accelerate framework vDSP_vtabi mistake in documentation? 0.00
In the Accelerate Framework is it safe to use the same reference fo... +0.35
SIMD signed with unsigned multiplication for 64-bit * 64-bit to 128... -2.35
How is fma() implemented +1.26
Why is there a blas subroutine (ISAMAX) for argmax abs but none for... +0.31
Numerical differences between older Mac Mini and newer Macbook 0.00
Swift: remainder operator (%) not working as documented +0.98
Using Metal for 64-bit Number Crunching 0.00
Using vDSP (Accelerate Framework) with respect to audio synthesis 0.00