An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1506.76 (112,640th)
1,333 (120,936th)
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Title Δ
How to change location of a progress bar? +1.86
A Javascript Calculator with HTML DOM 0.00
How to convert an ArrayList<Object> to an ArrayList<Double... -0.52
How to remove required to an element using jQuery? +1.14
Allow User Input to Just Fractions and Integers (but Not Mixed Numb... +0.29
Trying to add numbers 0.00
Why do I get 0.0 when I divide these two integers? 0.00
Force Item To Bottom Of Page Except for Margin 0.00
How to prevent moving text down inside div? +0.49
Why does my input element disappear, even though the code is the sa... 0.00
How do I set "display:none" after 5 seconds to the div i... 0.00
print ===== only if middle number is incremented by more than 1 in... -0.17
Java If statement not running inside the while loop 0.00
Microsoft - Print to PDF makes text unselectable 0.00
Confused with why I am getting Index out of bounds error? 0.00
Make Local storage count slowly go up 0.00
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalArgumentExcep... -1.19
Whats does LIKE mean in SQL? -0.10
Is there a way to loop through a variables using a 'for' lo... -0.06
How to get information from an input and put it in a href 0.00
How do i get the circle radius to change with the slider input? -0.02
How can i pass the value of multiple input box to another single in... +1.14
How does Scratch play sounds without any problem on mobile? 0.00
Custom validation message on 'type=url' -1.05
Choosing a letter from the alphabet and putting quotation marks on it +0.51
How to set up a prompt after the click of a button? +1.77
Remove inside border in type=color +1.79
Add the content of input box to the end of a url 0.00
how can I prevent a user to type 0 as the first character in a text... 0.00
Changing the background color with click using queryselector 0.00
How to display array line by line by pressing Enter 0.00
Why can't I access my int array values that I made in my main m... 0.00
Java scanner class not waiting for user input -0.50
I want to change the font-family of the "Hello World" eve... +1.13
Why we should use += sign in for loop to get all array values? +0.48
bookmarklet to parse id in a url and reconstruct a new one 0.00
Replacing <p></p> innerHTML with document.getElementByI... +1.87
How can I remove last 2 lines in text file in Java? 0.00
Comparing String (index) -0.22
Is there a way to size a div portion of screen without javascript +0.50
How do i change the color of the placeholder text in an input type=... 0.00
How can I convert long to int in JavaScript? +0.48
How to create conditional Hyperlink (actual case) 0.00
Code works on when I input value as 50 and not when I provide value... -0.44
Hide parent div when it contains <textarea>? +0.00
How to create a loop using querySelector +0.50
how do I only strikethrough one letter in css? -0.49
How to convert a UNIX timestamp to date in JavaScript +0.00
Is there a way to give margin to a background-image in HTML/CSS? 0.00
I want to place my icons in the middle of the circle +0.33