An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Darshan Rivka Whittle

1560.35 (5,535th)
25,287 (5,055th)
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Title Δ
How do I convert a single byte to a []byte -0.97
Pointers confusion in Go -0.09
Is it possible to open only one specific link within a browser with... +0.42
Why does sorted "tan" != "ant"? 0.00
Ruby. (condition) ? return : next .Returning error +1.12
Go requires comma, when put there, other unrelated errors are thrown +0.42
Anonymous type declaration works differently via "var" vs... 0.00
bytes.String() vs bytes.Bytes() in Go +0.40
Clean way to conditionally unmarshal JSON to struct -0.56
Why does this tree walking function deadlock? -2.10
Is it possible to initialize a List on one line in Dart? (it's... +0.41
Read from io.PipeReader does not match write to io.PipeWriter 0.00
Select prints output from only one channel +0.25
Splitting strings and re-ordering in ruby +0.99
Why does Go net.IPv4 create a 16 byte address internally 0.00
Go struct field has same name as interface method 0.00
Too many results in a loop for Project Euler #145 -0.35
How to compare strings in go templates? 0.00
Go Handling HTTPS requests in Google App Engine 0.00
Passing slice to Scanf -0.48
How do you set a value to a pointer containing nil using reflection -1.30
How to deploy frontend application to GCE properly? 0.00
Why does json.Unmarshal need a pointer to a map, if a map is a refe... -0.57
Evaluated but not used +0.36
How do I list block devices in Go? 0.00
Best way to restart a golang server on file saves 0.00
Go: Loops over sorted array, sort.Sort used as value 0.00
Golang Group by key + merge array values 0.00
How do I match every word in a string except for the last word? +0.95
Declare variable with format specifier in Go 0.00
binary.Read does not handle struct padding as expected +1.16
Reading a specific column of data from a text file in Ruby 0.00
Set app background to be the same as home screen wallpaper 0.00
Ruby for statement using undefined variables -2.00
Convert Array to Hash in Ruby -1.61
Convert timezone in Ruby 0.00
Why does Ruby think there are 366 days in 100 AD? +0.41
Alias method with argument +0.41
Getting accurate Julian date number for current time in Ruby +1.75
unexpected $nd expecting keyword end -0.35
What does this `%05i%` mean in Ruby? +1.99
String new line characters within a string +1.12
Why return a symbol of a method instead of just calling the method?... 0.00
mgo API - difference between mgo, mgo/bson, mgo/txn -0.54
Go: "Static" method design +0.42
How to create []string from struct in Go 0.00
Why does this getter inside a function produce a syntax error? +0.40
Request context in a Go template +0.17
To host a static (HTML) website on Google App Engine, what should b... 0.00
storing *Key to GAE local datastore give me error in DataStoreViewer 0.00