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Michael Szczesny

1501.26 (403,785th)
1,945 (86,076th)
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Title Δ
fitting closed curve to a set of noisy points 0.00
How to plot 2D numpy coordinate array with corresponding RGB array? +1.79
Iterate over two columns at the same time and change value of cells... -0.73
Remove rows from a couple of dataframes with equal values +1.06
Why is numpy select is slower than a custom function via apply meth... 0.00
Iterating over groups within a grouped df in python and returning a... 0.00
creating index columns with python +1.00
Torch gather middle dimension 0.00
Plotting a function with 2D vector entry in Python +0.50
Pandas convert column values into different columns based on anothe... -0.11
Create dynamic ranges and calculate mean -1.25
Expand Pandas columns with lists -0.76
Pandas find id-index for which time-index starts in specific month 0.00
Python, Pandas: Combining Dataframe with Dictionary (by Conditions) 0.00
Python 3.7, split set into groups but have a minimum group size +0.77
How to round and apply min and max to all values in Pandas Dataframe -0.37
Forward fill dates failing in pandas - Python 3.6 +2.75
Java multiplication of same number returns different output in Python -0.10
Assign shifted diagonal values with np.diag 0.00
Reshape a long column csv file using pandas to get a proper datafra... +0.51
How to plot 2D vectors +0.49
Numpy array - Getting the index only if the adjacent values not dup... +0.50
Grouping overlapping integer pairs into a smaller array +0.51
Easy way to fold a multidimensional NumPy array -1.52
Finding an index numpy python +0.26
Numpy: reshaping of 2D array -0.48
Is there a way I can deal with poeple using double quotes in csv fi... 0.00
Python pandas: dynamically change values in unspecified number of c... -0.22
python/numpy: find edges of a 2D/3D mask 0.00
Create df column concatenated value over each row +0.00
How to use values in another dataframe to apply limits to every ele... 0.00
Numpy: value substitution according to neighbours 0.00
Python how to find first duplicated items in an numpy array +2.10
Pandas: Fill gaps in a series with mean +0.51
How to drop rows from pandas based on several numerical value condi... -1.21
How to plot one columns "usage" of another column in pandas 0.00
logical_and with nested boolean arrays -0.68
Array Broadcasting without for loop -0.96
Mean values inside matrix -0.50
pandas operation by group -0.50
A proper way of filling numpy array based on multiple conditions -1.41
Finding winner (greater number) out of all combinations in pandas 0.00
Randomly generating a 2D array with 0 and 1 numbers without using N... +0.50
pandas, only calculate the last n rows 0.00
Python - Move to the next list element if condition is FALSE 0.00
Which Pandas method to use over rows given condition? 0.00
How to filter pandas DataFrames that have columns with lists? -0.01
Why pandas dataframe describe().min method returns standard deviati... -1.74
Duplicates using python, if any create a new column when there'... 0.00
How to group similar rows? 0.00