An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Le Droid

1501.54 (390,672nd)
2,483 (67,962nd)
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Title Δ
Grouping Events in Postgres -2.43
Perl Script to remove files older than a year +4.25
How do I get the latest records depending on the foreign key 0.00
Passing a ResultSet into a Postgresql Function +3.29
Style <select> element based on selected <option> -3.83
Add series total to legend in Highcharts 0.00
Python 3.3 programming. ValueError: invalid literal for int () with... 0.00
Local solar time function from UTC and longitude 0.00
Is there a limit for maximum number of concurrent transactions in H... +0.17
Share data between cron-job and webserver executed PHP scripts +0.09
Rounding time in Python 0.00
Why doesn't pipe.close() cause EOFError during pipe.recv() in pytho... 0.00
how to hide vector features in openlayers 0.00
reading json data from a file 0.00
How to refresh a jQuery UI Slider after setting min or max values? 0.00
Slow select distinct query on postgres 0.00
Start background process/daemon from CGI script 0.00
Start background process/daemon from CGI script 0.00
Embed bubble charts on a web site 0.00
jquery: get the object name? 0.00
psycopg2 COPY using cursor.copy_from() freezes with large inputs 0.00
How to round the minute of a datetime object python 0.00
Slow simple update query on PostgreSQL database with 3 million rows 0.00
Python-PostgreSQL psycopg2 interface --> executemany 0.00
Specify the from user when sending email using the mail command 0.00