An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1491.73 (4,385,607th)
13,241 (10,952nd)
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Title Δ
How to get millisecond value of a timestamp -1.43
mobx autorun not firing 0.00
calling serverStatus() on mongodb replicas returns the same informa... 0.00
what is the correct way to add type definition for this module -0.70
Why is my transaction deadlocking in MySQL? 0.00
Allman-Style in Intelliji 0.00
StompJS javascript client logging like crazy on console 0.00
How to know if MongoDb addToSet added or not? 0.00
Running Jade on Windows runs CoffeeScript? 0.00
Bower install command not working on windows 0.00
Java 5 runtime in Java 6 Hotspot -3.72
How to tweak this eclipse.ini file to improve the performance of ec... 0.00
ant string manipulation : extracting characters from a string +5.53
How to watch for NullPointerEx in Eclipse using Debbuger Add Watch... +5.43
Eclipse plugin dependency on SWT classes not being resolved 0.00
Step back in Eclipse debugger 0.00
Open source alternative for "Intellitrace" 0.00
Which debuggers support step back/time machine/back-in-time feature? 0.00
How to ensure JVM starts with value of Xms -2.53
Scanner vs. StringTokenizer vs. String.Split 0.00
Nonblocking algorithm to generate unique negative numbers -0.74
What does 'spurious failure' on a CAS mean? -3.16
Highly unusual situation - Thread blocked on a lock which it is hol... -0.97
Lock free constructs in .net -2.64
How to make a Java thread wait for another thread's output? +3.28
Alternative to BerkeleyDB? -2.51
Matisse in Eclipse +2.24
What deterministic garbage collection algorithms are out there? -3.85
Package structure for a Java project? -3.94
What's the best way to get Eclipse users to regularly update a plug... +4.08
Build Eclipse Java Project from Command Line -2.26
Is there any way to manually fold code in Eclipse? -3.92
At runtime, find all classes in a Java application that extend a ba... -3.21
Web Apps for Source Code Discussion +4.17
Benefits of 64bit Java platform +2.60